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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Centipede:
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Centipede:

Agents of SHIELD got off to a rocky start in the fall of 2013. The reasons for this are several: a somewhat unfocused concept, a cast that didn't have any chemistry, and the foreknowledge of the coming film Captain America: The Winter Soldier that dismantles SHIELD entirely, leave our Agents to be Agents of nothing, sort of. AoS also suffered from scheduling demons, getting pre-empted often and missing weeks, leaving the audience unclear when new episodes will arrive. Unfortunately, this caused many viewers to leave, never to return.

Despite this, there were some interesting narratives present throughout season 1, and DSM2337 picks up one of the more interesting ones and makes a tight little movie out of it. Jettisoning all of the side stories leaves a solid story about the Centipede project and Coulson's quest for the truth about Tahiti. This is the crux of the first half of the first season, and so for someone looking to get a quick start on Agents of SHIELD without all the boring bits, this edit is just for you.

I will say, however, that Agents of SHIELD works better on a binge than in its original release. All episodes are now on Netflix (in the United States), and it's worth the time investment to start at episode 1 and watch them all straight through, without the wacky scheduling that plagued its initial broadcast. If DSM2337's fan-edit leaves you wanting more, then by all means, do this. However, if you watch DSM2337's Centipede and feel you've got enough, you can move on without really missing anything important.

As far as the edit itself, technically it is superb. Cuts are organic and natural. Music cues line up well. I didn't experience any of the transitional issues ironman23 related. My only real complaint is the credits song. I love The Beatles, but for one, it's too loud, and two, it didn't really fit in with the rest of the story (in my opinion). Something a bit more subtle would have worked better.

In conclusion, for casual MCU fans this edit is absolutely recommended. For more dedicated fans who want to see a different spin on AoS S1, I would also recommend this edit. Hardcore fans may want to just watch the entire series. And make sure you stick around for the mid-credits scene -- it's great!


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