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Faneditor Interview: Spence Sits Down with the Cuddly Ninja
This is the discussion thread for Faneditor Interview: Spence Sits Down with the Cuddly Ninja. Post away!
Spence if you want your original Ewokless edit available I can see if I still have it.
this is awesome. a faneditor interviewing a faneditor—so glad you guys are doing this. thanks, cortisone ninja & spence.

i have to say, when outside articles about fanediting come out, i like that the art form is getting exposure. . . but i also feel these all-too-infrequent articles often miss an insider's perspective—unless they were written by Flixcapacitor!

with fanedit.org now producing its own pieces, fanediting regulars and those new to the art can read something interesting, an article that "gets it."

thanks to all involved. hope to see/read more of these!
Nice interview.
Hey, Spence, about the Obi-Wan "shithole" line in TWOTS: I shamely stole the line from a youtube video.
it was quite popular back in the day but I don't find it back right now.
But some others used it:

okay, got it back:
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Thanks, guys. It was really fun to do with Spence. He had some really great insights. I'm going to try to make this a regular thing. There's already another one in the can but transcribing takes time. It may end up being a two-parter since it ran about 4.5 hours!
Really good write up.  It makes sense for this kind of thing to originate here.  Normally we'd hope that Gawker or some shit would send someone out with a borderline understanding of fan editing to generate something like this.  Without question, this is much better than what they would come up with.
That was a really interesting read, I hope this can be a reasonably regular thing - the relaxed conversation is a great way to get a feel of an editor's approach without them feeling they have to get stuck into technical dissection.

Keep up the good work!
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It was a fun way to do this sort of thing. I think the conversational nature of if really helps. 

Glad I could be involved!
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Thanks for this interview guys, really enjoyed it.
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that was a nice read through.  nice work . . . . though i'm not sure how much "work" was involved.  it seemed pretty fun.
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.

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