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A Serbian Film British audience research
Hey folks! I'm conducting a big audience research project over at Aberystwyth University on the British audiences of A Serbian Film. As there seems to be a strong horror presence on here and a lot of in-depth discussion, I thought it'd be great to try to get some responses from the forum. It's on British audiences, so if any Brits are around and fancy having a go that'd be amazing. Cheers! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IY1Hvrm...rm?c=0&w=1
I'm really curious what the motivation is to do a research project now concerning Brits and their take on A Serbian Film.  Is this a topical study in reference to the Serbian refugee dilemma in the EU?
I'd be very surprised if the responses, weren't all along the lines of "It's vile trash and I need my soul purified after watching it". Brits being humans too. However I've not seen the movie, I've only heard enough to know I never want to.

Does a complete negative response count towards your survey?
I'm ashamed to say I've not been following the news for a while, so the topicality wasn't intentional. That's definitely something I'll have to look into, thanks! The motivation is mostly based around ideas of how people engage with controversial films and discussions of censorship. The UK got a lot more strict on censorship in the last five years, based on some pretty ropey research, so hopefully this'll counter that a bit, too.

I've had a fair few responses back already, and they're pretty varied. Although I think that's partly as a result of most of the folks in my internet circles being horror fans, students or academics. Hopefully this'll balance out if I can get a wide enough variety of people to take part. 

Completely negative responses are totally welcome because it's not a study of Serbian Film fans, rather just audiences of it in general. I'm after people who think it's the greatest film in the world, people who think it's the worst film of all time, and even people who just don't care.
Seem to be getting as many non-UK responses as UK ones to the survey, so I'm gonna roll with it. If anyone else, from anywhere at all, fancies talking about their experience with A Serbian Film, I'd love to hear it. Link as above. Cheers!

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