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Star Wars: Rebels - Episode I: Spark of Rebellion:
Star Wars: Rebels - Episode I: Spark of Rebellion:

To start off, well done to harrybowls for making a nearly seamless cut of Rebels. Audio/Video quality was perfect, visual editing was perfect, audio editing was almost perfect except for the speeder chase in the very beginning of the cut where the music kind of faded in and out without rhyme or reason, it felt really weird. The overall narrative was excellent as well, kudos again to harrybowls for pulling a cohesive thread from four distinct episodes. It was very difficult to tell where one episode ended and the next began.

I put my enjoyment as a 6 not because of any flaw with harrybowls, but the issue lies with Rebels itself. When I watched this edit, I had just seen the finale for season 2 of Rebels, and let me tell you, that is some excellent TV right there. Just about all of season 2, in fact, absolutely blows season 1 out of the water in every way. I'd forgotten how janky and plasticky those early episodes of Rebels were, and how much less interesting it was. If, however, I was to introduce someone to Rebels, this would be how I'd do it. I'm looking forward to seeing Episode II!


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