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New possible fanediting technology..
This is my first post in the forums and I hope I'm placing it in an appropriate place. I just saw this and being the fanediting fanatic that I am, immediately thought of how incredibly powerful this could be for edits. All the lip movements where new dialogue has been inserted in War of the Stars Part 2 for example could be fixed to a near perfect point. Might be a year or two before this stuff hits the home market but if it's true you can do it with just a web cam... wow.

That's amazing!  Smile 

It's called "Face2Face" - this video explains how it works:

I think some of the comments are right concerning potential misuse, but the video description does state that their efforts[size=small][font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif] [/font][/size]"include the detection of edits in video footage in order to verify a clip’s authenticity." So hopefully this will eventually come to market (I think it would be fun not just for fanediting but online rpgs, too!)

Here is their project site: http://www.graphics.stanford.edu/~niessn...6face.html
Saw this not too long ago. Hopefully we can get our hands on it. If we do, the possibilities will be endless.
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