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MPEG Streamclip Dropping Frames
Hi, I've been trying to use MPEG Streamclip along with Perian to convert mkv files into ProRes for editing. Im not converting the audio, just the video. It mostly works just fine but I've noticing dropped frames in certain sequences that weren't present in the original file. If I repeat the same process, the exact same frames are dropped. Any idea what's going on here?
Are you editing in MPEGSC before exporting? Or using the program only to convert, then editing with another program?

The reason I ask: MPEGSC's editing function is idiosyncratic. It'll drop a single frame or include an unwanted frame based on where you place your endpoints, so I would test with a short clip so that you can learn how MPEGSC does things.

if you're only converting (not editing) with MPEGSC and getting dropped frames, then I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you.
Nope. Only converting. I'm editing in Adobe Premiere
You could try pavtube to convert your source to prores. There are several different products with similar features; the trial versions are fully functional, iirc, though they place a watermark on the video.
Which version of PavTube should I get? They look to have a bunch of different products on their website. I purchased BDMagic a while back but I tried to open it and I don't think the version I have works with the latest Mac OS because it crashes on startup.
Ah, you encountered the same problem I did.
Possible solution: http://www.fanedit.org/forums/showthread...post264627

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