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Of Oz the Wizard
^I'm already on it. But instead of editing the words into alphabetical order, I'm putting the chords in alpha order.
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Neglify Wrote:^I'm already on it. But instead of editing the words into alphabetical order, I'm putting the chords in alpha order.

[Image: 3d227a8218297da30cf162c09252c275.jpg]
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.
I completely agree that this video has little merit or reason for existing, and that most of the people watching 1) are watching for ironic purposes and 2) don't watch the whole thing.

I've been thinking about the editor's perspective, though, and it occurred to me that this might be a function of autism. I've learned a bit about autism in the past couple of years because of some people I know, and I learned that autistic people often like things organized. An autistic child might play with their toys by lining them all up by height. That's the part of the play that makes it fun for them: having everything all organized and in a neat, perfect row. Maybe some of these editors who insist on putting the words in alphabetical order are simply organizing them because that's what makes it satisfying.

I don't know if that applies to this particular editor. In many cases, mild autism doesn't go diagnosed, so he might not even realize that this is why he's doing it (if that is it). But autism often manifests itself as extremely high attention to detail in a certain area. The time and energy that it would take to complete something like this certainly seems to fit the bill.

And in no way is this a judgment on the editor. People who are autistic in this way tend to be highly intelligent.

Of course, I have no way to prove that any of this applies in this situation. I just had an epiphany this morning about a possible answer, so I thought I'd share. I still don't think I have the interest to watch this, but I think at least I might understand the impulse that goes into making it.
This type of edit is not without precedence, although this looks like this might have been the first one created, if not the first posted to a streaming service. Someone did it with A New Hope and it was actually posted here about a year and a half ago. It went so viral that Conan O'Brien parodied it by applying the same treatment to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It seems to be an absurd take on the idea of concordance, which has been around since the 13th century.
P.S. I mentioned this edit to my wife, who normally doesn't get into fan edits, and she ended up watching the whole thing! She apparently really loves The Wizard of Oz, and she's seen it enough that this variation on the source material was interesting to her.

She said sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was interesting, and it got a little boring near the end but by that point she had watched so much of it that she just had to finish. Smile

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