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2016 movies!!!
Nice to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in that Cloverfield thing.
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Q2 Wrote:And to derail ever so slightly, 10 Cloverfield Lane is being directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the guy who did the amazing Portal spec short film. (I also want to add the DP on the short is an old classmate of mine.)

That's good to hear. The short was spectacular and I remember hearing him come on the /Filmcast a bunch of times back in the day. It was a nice insight into the filmmaking process, and I remember liking him quite a bit.
I went to see 'The Revenant' the other day.

Pretty damn fine film IMO, not perfect but totally worth seeing and deserving of the Oscar nominations. At over 2.5 hrs it's a little longer than it needed to be. The heavily digitally-graded and de-saturated visuals are pretty drab and tiresome on the eye after a while but the actual images beneath the grade and the flashy camera work are very striking, so more than make up for it. Some shots and scenes really stay with you. The cast is fantastic, especially a taciturn Leo, although Tom Hardy's accent sounded a little odd to me (Then again I'm not American, so maybe it's an authentic regional sound?).

Given the length, the bleakness, the brutality and violence, the sparseness of dialogue and overspending by $95 million :-D... it felt like the kind of self-indulgent movie you only get to make after winning the Director Oscar (Probably in a good way).
Agreed TM2YC, I understand the criticisms but I defend this movie based on just how cinematic and truly epic it was. A once in a lifetime experience, even if I can't say I'll go back for a second helping...

And yes, Tom Hardy is one of the hardest actors to critique of late. He is incredibly talented and such a presence, but since Bane, I feel like he adds a slightly goofy/intentionally OTT element to his accents and inflections that border on camp. Major examples being DKR, MMFR, The Peaky Blinders and now Revenant. Fascinating.
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njvc Wrote:. . . Tom Hardy ... adds a slightly goofy/intentionally OTT element to his accents and inflections that border on camp. Major examples being DKR, MMFR, The Peaky Blinders and now Revenant. Fascinating.

Legend, as well. His rendition of Ronnie Kray clearly differs from twin brother Reggie.
If you are British you know that '70s sitcom 'Dad's Army' is a cultural corner stone, regularly attracting millions of viewers for just repeats (About the same as Game of Thrones :-D). If you aren't British, you've probably never heard of it.

So they went and did a movie remake. The cast was one of the best ever assembled. Look at the poster (With nice Star Wars gag)...

[Image: 88863.jpg]

The plot seemed a good one and the cast was very good and perfectly cast but sadly it just didn't have enough jokes in it... and there was too much plot. It was sad to watch so much talent wasted.

Tellingly the funniest moment in this trailer was Mainwaring choking on a bit of cake while pompously comparing himself to Churchill (At 02.00)...

...it was also the funniest moment in the film.

It also managed to irritate people with this trailer...

Which opens with "...1944, on the brink of defeat". Given that the film is set in the weeks/months before D-Day, it showed the people in charge of marketing the film were absolute f**kwits, as the line "...1944, on the brink of victory" would have been more historically accurate.
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:Well, before you criticize [Pride and Prejudice and Zombies] too much, you might want to give it a read. I think one of the book's strengths is that it does haphazardly sprinkle zombie violence into an otherwise untouched plot.
Forgive the belated reply, and feel free to not debate/discuss if you don't want to, but my objection to adding zombies but retaining the general plot is that the entire heart of Austen drama is that her heroines have very little agency to no agency in their lives apart from who they agree to marry who wants to marry them (and sometimes barely even have that). Saying yes means a lifetime of very limited freedom; saying no presents a very real risk of lifelong singledom. So how can that drama be in any way retained when the young women are totally empowered badasses? The Bennet sisters have a particular need to marry well because, as women, they can't inherit any part of their parents' money; would the combat-trained (in China!) sisters possibly stand for that? Maybe the novel/movie all explains this somehow, but I just can't grok it myself.

Oh, and the movie flopped. ;-)
Gaith Wrote:Forgive the belated reply, and feel free to not debate/discuss if you don't want to,

yeah, I'll pass. You clearly don't want to see it, and frankly I don't really care.

Gaith Wrote:Oh, and the movie flopped. ;-)

I wasn't expecting much, and would be more surprised if the film were hugely successful. That said, I don't really judge the quality of a movie by home many ticket stubs it sells. I'll eventually watch it at home, but I'm not expecting to be wowed.
A Weisz/Vikander film, co-starring Fassbender? This will surely be the sexiest movie of all time!!!

... Oh. :oops:

(Still kinda want to see it. Been Weisz-less for a long time now.)
ssj Wrote:interesting that went straight to home video, though going through netflix makes that route sound not as bad/cheap/shameful. it's likely that a netflix debut decreases distribution costs, compared to a wide theatrical release. (although there seems to be a limited imax release in the works.)

if the sequel's any good, i might have to mess with it. Big Grin

Just watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 .... as a fantasy kung fu flick I found it enjoyable though a bit predictable.

But as a sequel, it is a very pale shadow of the original. It lacks the beauty, depth, heart and poetry of the Ang Lee masterpiece.
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