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FCP X Blu Ray Rendering Problem
smudger9 Wrote:The output files have no "extra info", so I don't know what the bitrate is.

Yes they do, you just have to know how to read the information Smile On windows there is a program called mediainfo that displays all of the specifications for any media file. I'm not sure if there is a Mac analog.

EDIT: Apparently there is a Mac version: https://mediaarea.net/en-us/MediaInfo/Download/Mac_OS
This is for a file 1 minute long. Predicted size on compressor was 220MB

This is what it threw out

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-08-27%20at%2014.58.24.png]
there is no average or minimum bitrate reported. maybe because the video is only 1 minute long. Did you already delete your other renders?
Yes, needed to clear disc space. I'll render again and have a look. I'll post back tomorrow.
I've been doing a little testing with compressor today, using a 15 minute clip.

I can't get any software to read the bitrate of the Bluray exports, so I've been fiddling around with DVD exports using different Bitrates. The file data is below.
[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-08-29%20at%2007.28.34.png]
As you can see, at 2Mbps, the selected bitrate is roughly what I'm getting. However, as the bitrate rises above 2, I'm progressively losing the bitrate, with 7Mbps producing only half what I select.

However, if I export other file types like .mov or ProRes I get pretty much the bitrate I select. There is some loss, but its nowhere near as significant.
[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-08-29%20at%2018.29.08.png]

I've altered all I can think of both in Final Cut Pro and in Compressor, but it makes no difference. In FCP the open movie is in its original media form, with best quality selected. The movie project is in ProRes format with 1080 screen size selected.

Here are the compressor settings.
[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-08-29%20at%2007.39.03.png]

I have no idea why I'm losing DVD and Bluray bitrate. Any ideas??

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