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Starter for Ten

a friend of mine recommended this one to me after they read the book and completely loved it, and i gotta say i am very, very grateful that they did.

it stars James McAvoy as a young guy (obsessed with quiz's) going to university to start his journey into adulthood, on the way he joins the University Challenge quiz team and learns some important lessons about life, love and friendship.

ok before you guys start putting your fingers down your throats, this movie is absolutely brilliant, i nearly didnt last the first ten mins but after that it got going and really got into its stride very quickly.

a lot of it is fairly standard by the numbers, like the love interest and then of course the other not so pretty girl who he actually ends up with can be seen from miles away but for some reason it never felt tired or lame just a natural progression for the characters involved.

and then there are some genuinely challenging bits which come totally out of leftfield and were a complete surprise for me.

the musical score is also excellent, as this is set in the eighties we get all the old classics knocking around in the background. a bit like listening to some of the radio stations from GTA Vice City.

James McAvoy is very good in this as are the two female leads, Catherine Tate also turns up in a completely straight role as James mother and does a pretty good job.

all in all theres less you havent seen than have if you kow what i mean but for some reason its just one of those movies which is greater than the sum of its parts.

if you want something light, funny and genuinely charming for a change i cannot recommend this any higher.
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