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Windows 10?
fuck windows 10, and while we're at it, fuck windows 8.
You're an adult. Just cope.
Windows 10 is awesome. I love it. Granted, MS shouldn't be downloading it to people's computers without notification. But, then again, at least they're not auto installing it.
My hard drive crashed last year.
Instead of reinstalling 7, I opted for Vista.
Less fussy in some ways, more fussy in others.
Now I am glad I went that route.
Well, I never thought I'd read THAT sentence. I thought about 7 but then I went with VISTA??? :oops:
Oh, if you don't want win 10 (why? It's free. And it's zippy. And polished.) - then make sure Windows updates are set to important only. I.e. untick the "give me recommended updates" button.
^ Ah, but can you apply a Windows Classic theme? Windows Classic shall only be pried from my cold, dead mouse! Tongue

[Image: classic_zpsvhxhvymr.jpg]
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You people are crazy. I hated the Classic look then (one of the reasons I went to Macland for a while), just as I hated Windows XP's look and Vista's aero look, and not even nostalgia will make me hate it less now just because it's old. Vista was crap then, and although service pack 1 fixed a lot of the issues it never got better than what's basically a bad beta version of Windows 7. It's also approaching end of life, although you have a year and a half to upgrade until it's unsupported, aka virus heaven. Windows 7 is a lot worse than people think, we've just learned to navigate around the convoluted menus and make sense of the nonsense over the years.

I see no reason to not update to Windows 10 apart from privacy issues, and you can turn all of the offending stuff off anyway. 8 and 8.1 was a bold attempt at fixing some of the convoluted mess Windows had become, but Windows 10 is the first time they got it right and the first time since Windows 3.1 where the system menus make sense.
theslime Wrote:. . . then (one of the reasons I went to Macland for a while) . . .

I went the Linux route for several months.

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