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Windows 10?
I was wondering if anybody here has taken on the free upgrade to Windows 10 yet. I'm really concerned that I'm going to run into all sorts of compatibility issues with Adobe, Audacity, the codecs and the millieu of other software I've been using to make edits.
I use Windows 10 for months now.
There is (for so far) no problems with editing and other stuff
I use a enterprise Windows 10, the RTM version comes on july 29.
I don't see any differents with 8.1 , it works the same to me
I've put it on a test laptop and it's been mostly ok, the only bugs I've hit have been related to migrating between different test builds.

I have a backup desktop that I rarely use which I'll probably try out the RTM release on - it's currently on 8.1 Pro and has some video editing tools on it, so I'll upgrade it to 10 Pro and see how it gets on.

Personally, my main machine won't get upgrade to 10 for at least 6 months after general release (it's still on 7 - I quite like 8 and 8.1 but never bothered upgrading). Let other people do the bleeding-edge "find out what works" stuff.
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My rule is to never trust an OS that's less then a year old.
KMSpico appears to be a tool for piracy? Why are you ripping off windows? Just pay for the software or don't use it.... linux is free.
The problem with Linux is a lot of my software won't cooperate with it.
Two laptops crashed recently, and I used Puppy Slacko for both until I could replace the hard drive in one, reinstall the OS in the other.
Linux seemed OK for surfing - actually a godsend when I needed to study tutorials and visit tech forums - but I wasn't doing much else.
I'm not knocking it (I keep Slacko on two flash drives), but there were too many limitations for me too view Linux as anything other than rescue OS.
I've been running builds of Windows 10 since Feb and besides bugs of new features within the OS I haven't encountered any show stopping problems. Adobe CS6 has been working fine for me.
I don't give a fuck about linux.
I use windows because it's for me the best system to work on.
It is against site rules to discuss piracy. Maniac, stop. I don't care if you think it's justified or whatever. Just stop. This is a warning.
addiesin Wrote:It is against site rules to discuss piracy. Maniac, stop. I don't care if you think it's justified or whatever. Just stop. This is a warning.

And here's the written Rule about it:

Quote:5. No Pirates. No discussion of piracy whatsoever. All posts which mention pirating material for personal use will be moderated. On a first offense the member will receive a warning. On a second offense he will receive an infraction.
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