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Quote:(at least the remake got rid of that retarded "ESP/Psychic" crap of the original and move the story more into the realm of the supernatural).
You're right, but unfortunately it also made up even more "retarded" pieces of plot, in addition to making the boyfriend pointlessly annoying.

All Ring movies have been really flawed (I kinda wonder sometimes why I even bother watching them), but the visuals of the first Japanese film are really nice, even unique. (Verbinski aped them pretty badly, in my view.) Also, several people have noted how the original isn't really that scary until after you've seen it. I felt the same thing. The remake was scarier when watching, but I forgot about it shortly after. There are some images in the original that really got to me.

Which reminds me... Someone should try a fanedit of the original Japanese film with less overt ESP (if it's possible).
Isn't the ESP in only one scene (The flashback to the mother's youth)?

But what's so annoying about the ESP anyways? It didn't bother me at all.
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T-HOPE Wrote:Nope Big Grin

I already knew about the movie Quarantine, which I believed was the same as Rec, so I skipped the most basic posts. Didn't know it was a remake...

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blueyoda Wrote:Isn't the ESP in only one scene (The flashback to the mother's youth)?
I can't remember if it's more than one scene. For me, the problem is that it just comes out of nowhere. Generally I don't mind ESP in a movie, if it has a real connection to the plot. The cool thing about Ringu is that it's a horror story with a plot driven by detective work. The film works like a vaguely supernatural thriller based on real deduction. But then the ESP suddenly starts kicking in, and deduction suddenly gets irrelevant. I guess it's probably well-explained in Koji Suzuki's book - I've read a manga version of the sequel, "Spiral", and his style is very technical and with lots of exposition (science fiction with an emphasis on science, or rather pseudo-science) - but in the movie it just deflates the story.

For me, this was the improvement in The Ring. Sadly, it was also the only thing that was improved (while plenty of changes were for the worse).

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