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Some Covers I have done.
[Image: 2dtw5ue.png]
Very cool, I like how the stars on the characters' faces sort of echo the tears in the rain monologue.
those are all separate pics, with blend modes changed, various tweaks here and there.
Yeah, I don't doubt it. Good work.
jswert123456 Wrote:[Image: 2dtw5ue.png]
That looks FANTASTIC man!!!
just rough idea, if i use it, i will have to tweak it, since the back has text from the director's cut dvd.
[Image: 2gv99hs.png]
Keep up the great work [MENTION=9437]jswert123456[/MENTION] !
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Yes, those are very noss.
here is my Blade Runner- The Western Edit cover.

[Image: 2a94hmr.png]

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