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Some Covers I have done.
same Blade Runner Cover but with stars overlay on the spine.
Which is better?
[Image: 2saaryh.png]
The front image is squished. As noted elsewhere, please make sure to lock the aspect ratio of your images when creating cover art
ok did this fix that squished issue.

[Image: aupw7.png]
it still looks squished. Are you using photoshop? If so, you can actually lock the aspect ratio of your layer. I describe that in my cover tutorial (at about 5:10)

ok thanks, but other than that,
overall how does the theme look.
[Image: 30j206v.png]
jswert123456 Wrote:overall how does the theme look.

The idea is good, and I prefer the stars on the spine. However, it would be nice if the background image spanning from the back to the front was more continuous. I'm not sure how well you would be able to make it seamless though, since it looks like you are using a scan of the retail cover for the back...

It looks like you've fixed the aspect ratio on the front though Smile
my last attempt for now.

[Image: 2aezgpe.png]
better Smile
I watched your video and following advice given to me.
^^ Sweet cover!

Remove the large DVD symbol from the front cover and it would be perfect IMO

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