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Last DVD, Blu-Ray, UHD or Digital you purchased?
Too bad new releases are NOT going down. 19.96 is the norm at Wal-Mart for most new movies. 22.96 for 2-disc CE/SEs and stuff sometimes...
Corps Bride . tim buron rocks and alongside whit Johnny deep is is good as hell, then whit danny elfman doing the music... ther is noway it can be bad...

looking forward to Tims new animated musical....
Do we suffer?
I bought clerks 2 the other day.
Airwolf Season 2 and The Descent Unrated.
Angel Seasons One
Angel Seasons Two
Angel Seasons Three
Teen Titans Season One
The Abyss
The Producers
James Bond Ulitmate Collection boxset

Phantasm sphere boxset

Superman Ulitmate Collecters edition


Phantasm Sphere set is cool isnt it?

did you see the Hellraiser cube set? that one is sweet too.

also picked this one up:

[Image: stackedap9.jpg]
I aint had a chance to open the Phantasms yet...too busy watching Bond lol.
I own the tin set of Hell 1 & 2,but yeah i have seen the cube set
I just bought OCP's Deleted Magic, Classic Editions I & 2, and Dark_Jedi's Monster Squad HD2DVD.

Smile Smile Smile Smile Ha!

Just kidding. I bought POTC 2 and The Departed - the latter of which I bought at Chinatown, but I will get the retail release when it's out.
I did not purchased now today, was a laserdisc the first movie whit the lovely star James Dead "East Of Eden".
Laserdisc is kind of intressting...
Do we suffer?

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