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Last DVD or Blu-Ray you purchased?
dork313 Wrote:
Rotten Johnny Wrote:Firefly, (TV Show) bought it yesterday for 18 bucks.

Now that's a steal right there...great find.

Superman 2 - Donner Cut
[Image: http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f25/Di...ueLou2.jpg]
I Will Not Fight You Father
Target?? Kick ass!
Two days ago I ordered:
- King Kong Extended Edition [region 2]
- The Punisher Extended Edition [region 1]
T-HOPE Ultimate Terminator Fanedit serie:
- Terminator 3
- Terminator 2 3D
- Terminator 2: Live / 5D
- Terminator Salvation
--- Currently on fanedit hiatus ---
* The Terminator Bonus disc(s)
* Terminator 2 Bonus discs
* The Terminator: Dawn Of Fate
dork313 Wrote:Target?? Kick ass!

I think its still on sale until the 18th?
dark jedi Wrote:Superman Ultimate Collection,along with Superman Returns and Superman The Movie on Blu-ray.

still looking for Superman II The Richard Donner Cut on Blu-ray.

I also got Clerks II,I fricking love this movie,very funny.

are you using a ps3 for blu-ray or a standalone blu-ray player? How would you rate your quality so far compared to say hd-dvd.

This is one Pixar movie I've not been excited about but I saw it in Target with a bonus DVD (I love bonus DVDs) so decided to get it as the main release is so bare-bones.

Haven't watched it yet though.
Team America: world police unrated. "Mahtttt Daymennnn!"
The last DVDs I bought...

Christopher Reeve 9 disk Boxset
Maniac Cop Special Edition
Superman Returns
I have only seen a side by side of the HD DVD and Bluray at the store,and to me the Bluray looks alot better,yes I said alot,but on my setup,62' Hidef DLP widescreen TV,I frigging LOVE Bluray,and I am watching them with my PS3,I just cant get over the clarity and crispness,didnt think it would look so good on a screen that big,but I was happily wrong LOL.

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