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Grafting juxtaposed scenes in Final Cut X
Dead forum; here's a breath of life...

I hate to crosspost from my own movie thread, but I thought this should go here into this forum:

Grafting juxtaposed scenes together in Final Cut X on Mac:

This is how I grafted “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” onto the end of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” to create a single movie; smoothing the transition to avoid breaking audience immersion as much as possible. Perhaps seeing how I did it may be of benefit to others.

“Merging Hobbits”:

Note for the curious: Because I was editing HD video and screen-capturing to HD video at the same time, the editor looks choppy. It is (hard disk overload). It’s normally slick as snot. Smile
Out of curiosity, what is the model and specs of the Mac you are working with? Have you thought about creating ProRes Proxy to make skimming and overall editing quicker?
Oh it's not the mac, or the hard disk. It's throughput (still on Firewire 800 and I need me some Thunderbolt). The problem is that fan-editing is disassembly rather than assembly process. So I'm loading six freaking hours worth of HD into my timeline in order to remove material, rather than the usual opposite of adding material to build a project. And even with 16GB RAM: that's a helliuvalot of throughput and so crashing packets (in versus out) are where the problem is.

But again, scrubbing is usually smooth as it should be. But in this case I was scrubbing HD and at the same time: screen capturing HD to the same drive (where I should captured to my local drive rather than my project drive - but I thought of that after I had already started, so -shrugs-). Smile

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