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The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
Has anybody here seen the various versions of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby? I'm wondering how Him, Her, and Them. Their running times are 89, 100, and 119 minutes, respectively. Does anybody know how much material is shared between versions?
The project, which is about a married couple dealing with the emotional fallout of a traumatic event, was conceived of and shot as two companion movies: Him and Her, which shared scenes, but made up of different takes, performances and direction, to reflect the experience of either partner. One or both of the Weinsteins decided, however, that no one would actually buy tickets to both movies, so they ordered a theatrical release that mixes in parts of both. As I understand it, therefore, Him and Her do not duplicate any of each others' actual takes, but there is nothing in the (barely) released film, Them, that is not in either part of the companion movies.

The development and re-editing story is kinda interesting, but I can't say as I'm much interested in actually watching any of the three films.
Been wanting to watch Him and Her and potentially Them ​as a curiosity but it's been rather unavailable. Interesting exercise, I'd like to see how it plays out (great talent in the films, too).
These all just showed up on Netflix today.
I was equally frustrated at their lack of wide release until I saw them added to Netflix this morning which prompted my post. I've got about 20 movies ahead of them I need to watch but I'll get to them soon. Thanks for the info, Gaith.
TV's Frink Wrote:These all just showed up on Netflix today.
What? O shi, you're right. I swear I was just looking in the new arrival section on Netflix a few hours ago and didn't see it.
I just discovered an app called Upflix that lists new arrivals by date. Check it out.
I used to have an RSS feed for every new item added to Netflix but it stopped working a while ago. Now I have a feed from http://whats-on-netflix.com/ that has a new post every day of a list of the new titles.

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