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Article: Dune Redux & other Lynch fanedits briefly reviewed in Sight & Sound April 2015
spicediver Wrote:The full article is subscription-only but here's a scan of the Dune piece. Thankyou to Jarkko from Finland who spotted this and sourced me the scan.

So the article isn't in the actual printed magazine? I buy Sight&Sound now and again, when it's got something that interests me. Maybe I'll pickup a copy on this issue.
TM2YC Wrote:So the article isn't in the actual printed magazine? .

Correction - yes - it's in the April 2015 hard copy and the digital subscription version.
Congratulations, you enigmatic scoundrel, you! :-D
Nice find! Looking forward to reading it.
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You can view the page at http://www.fanedit.org/content.php?1057-...April-2015
I bought a copy. Haven't read it all yet but it's a fun list of alternate cuts Smile. Bit disapointed that they basically trot out the familiar misleading story behind the 2nd cut of 'Heaven's Gate'.
I've been a bit slow to read this month's issue but that feature was very interesting. I'm intrigued by Roger Corman's edits of Soviet sci-fi films that were mentioned. Also glad to see that while Donnie Darko gets mentioned, it is acknowledged that the Director's Cut made a bodge of what was a brilliantfilm in its theatrically-released cut.
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