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Can Fan Edits Change the Way We Watch Movies?
Article is almost a year old, but I didn't see a post for it.

Good find.
[FONT=arial black]In-The-Works[/FONT][URL="http://www.fanedit.org/forums/showthread.php?13929-Star-Wars-Prequel-Trilogy-Edit-goal-of-100-minutes"]
Star Wars Episode I-III The Fandom Edit[/URL]
Matrix Tarantino Style
I swear I've read this before, and almost certainly from a link here, but I can't find the darn thread. You got off light this time. Wink
Yup, definitely read that before. No other fanedit related website for me, had to come from here.
EDIT: link must be removed from the original thread because you can also search for hyperlinks in the advanced search option simply by typing in the first part of the link.

Obviously the full URL is too long, but if you simply search for 'movies.mxdwn.com' you still find this thread as a result. If you search for 'imgur.com' the same, you'll find loads of threads that have imgur links in them. My guess is the (original link or the) thread (itself) is gone TV's Frink. My two cents trying to help out.

Still nice to read that article again though Smile Great (re-)find :-P

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