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I.M.P.S. The Relentless
Hi, although briefly mentioned in another thread and a couple of years old now Im adding this to the list as I think its worthy of its own topic. Its the follow up to Troops and comes in eight episodes, unfortunataly theres only one at the moment but e2 and 3 may arrive this year if we are lucky, I say that as we have been waiting since 2005 for them to arrive.

Check out the Commando style teaser first but download the first chapter Davenport Gateway if you can as its brilliantly done, the music must get a special mention as its also brilliant in capturing the mood of this epic to be.

...and the voice over is done by Peter Cullen. Suh-weet!
Currently available as MP4: (PM Me for info. But only if you are a forum poster or FE reviewer. No offense, but y'gotta give to get.)
The Simian Flu Stage One Jericho Cane Daredevil:The Man Without Fear Transformers Batman: Under the Red Hood
A Nightmare on Elm Street 7 (v2) Predator Chronicles Episodes 1 to 4 Anchorman: Whammy Edition Terminator 3: The Coming Storm (v1)
Uncanny Antman Wrote:...and the voice over is done by Peter Cullen. Suh-weet!

Yes I forgot to add info on that other "sweet" little bit of excellence.

I visit that site all the time in the hope 2 and 3 are going to be released.

Thread necro over a decade later, but not without good reason.  After just under nine years, Chapter 3 has been released.  Here's the official (as official as fan-films can get at least) Youtube videos of the saga thus far.  

Seven live action Star Wars movies have been released since the project began filming back in April 1999.  Strange, how time flies.

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