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IFDB Review: Alien 3: Q2 Edition:
I always thought Alien 3 was an under rated movie. I enjoyed it because I liked the return to a single Alien like in the first film and the terror it caused. I like the way it ran on the walls and ceiling because it was gestated in a dog - but then a few years later it became an ox and I thought - hang on an ox is nowhere near as nimble as a dog! This edit fixes that and more!Q2 has created what I always hoped Alien 3 would be, a riveting and terrifying tale that holds true to Ridley Scott's original. About the only thing I held back a point on was for video quality - and I'm being high maintenance with this score because I've been lucky enough to buy a 70 inch flatscreen so if something isn't quite clear I will see it. I compared it to my 1080p original and it definitely showed - but if you have a smaller screen then it will look superb.Well done Q2 for another excellent fan edit.


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