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IFDB Review: Raiders:
Audio/Video Quality: 8For a 2GB filesize this is pretty decent quality I guess, but it would have been nicer to keep more of the detail and grain.Visual Editing: 10There isn't any, so a 10 is standard. The B&W conversion is very cool though. The high-contrast photography looks gorgeous and it reveals how wonderfully old-fashioned this film looks.Audio Editing: 9There are some small gaps between songs here and there but for the most part this is a non-stop crossfaded/remixed experience. The radical switch from John William's heroic ochestral score, to Trent Reznor's often ethereal, unsettling and occasionally danceable Electronic music is a lot of fun. I imagine Soderbergh spent a long time selecting the music tracks and experimenting with them, as they are often timed very well with the energy of the film. Also they stop/start in time with the scenes which can't have been easy to pull off this smoothly.Narrative: 9One of the goals was to kind of put narrative on the back burner. However it's still visually very strong without any dialogue or SoundFX.Enjoyment: 8This is a unique experience worth checking out but Reznor's repetative music isn't "my cup of tea", I don't hate it, I just don't love it. Also as a "Faneditor", as opposed to an "Editor", learning lessons about editing rhythms was largely moot, as they are typically dictated by the existing material. However, the new score was kinda hypnotic in a good way and had the strange effect of making you see things that aren't there. e.g. soldiers swaying in the back of a truck appear to be grooving to the music and the hammer during the final sequence seems to be pounding out the beat.


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