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Help with Mac Workflow
Hi, so I'm working on a fanedit of the first Hobbit movie. I extracted the raw .m2ts from the blu ray and converted that to Prores 422 HQ to edit with.

I then brought that into Premiere and I can edit everything fine. However, I've never worked with 5.1 (or 7.1) audio, so I'm not sure how to separate the tracks in the timeline to see all the channels.

For some reason, the dialogue is also in French, not English. I'm not sure if the Prores file I have contains all the audio channels or if when I converted from the .m2ts, it only chose the French channel?

Any suggestions on how I can get the English channel and see all the channels in Premiere's timeline would be appreciated.

So I converted it to ProRes because I had thought that Premiere wouldn't import the .m2ts file natively, but I just tried it and it worked fine.

I'm still having the problem with the French audio though. When I play the .m2ts file in VLC, I can select whatever language I want the dialogue in, so I know that all the tracks are there.

But how do I get them to show up in Premiere? I did discover who to isolate the tracks between the music and the dialogue, but no matter what I do, the dialogue is always in French. Any ideas?
Hrmm.. this is tough to say, you're on a work-flow that is in my future, but I haven't done yet as I've done all my editing on FCP7, in which case I would be working with ProRes like you tried initially. What are you using to rip/extract your vid/audio? Typically, but not always, people will demux into an video file and audio files (some will make two files, the video .mov and ac3 audio, or as in my workflow I export each channel (two mono channels of Center and LFE, and then two stereo pairs of Left/Right and surround left/right).

You might want to look into getting MPEG Streamclip if you haven't added it to your arsenal yet, which is a great way to make sure you get all of your individual 5.1 channels in English. You can refer to parts of this post for how to focus on just getting your audio.

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