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Uproxx Features 3-in-1 Hobbit Edit

Still too much barrel-rolling. Too coincidental that several Dwarves get axes and all of them are in just the right position to chop the overhanging branch. And I shut the clip down when it was obvious that Barrel-Bombur was coming up.

So far I'll take the "Into the Fire" cut of that sequence - you need some orcs, and some explanation for how the barrels got through the water-gate, but you don't need to go Over The Top (OTT).
I agree. I like Into The Fire's barrel scene much better. I also think I'd prefer some Dol Goldur. I don't want Gandalf off camera for TOO long and I do want these movies to connect to the LotR in some meaningful ways. I'd like to keep Saruman and Galadriel for the same reasons. Good performances, interesting scenes, and more connective tissue between trilogies. I'm sure I'd be okay with some more cuts to Arkenstone Edition and Into the Fire to get to single film of a tolerable length, but I have trouble thinking what that might be. What's the combined running time of those two.edots anyway? Three hours? BotFA might just work at an hour. That one seemed to me to be almost all fluff after the first half hour or so. Even in the first half hour there's a lot to cut such as anything with Alfrid.
Agreed - Radagast isn't the "Jar-Jar" of these films. Alfrid is. He's trying too hard to be Blackadder and he hasn't got the chops for it - not to mention that Blackadder is way out of tone with anything Tolkien ever wrote.

I would definitely keep as much of Saruman and Galadriel as possible - and that includes the Dol Guldur rescue of Gandalf (which means Gandalf has to go there and get captured). But where I would cut deeply is anything to do with the Ringwraiths being "buried" - they never died. They've stretched themselves so thin that they have become Undead, and (presumably when Sauron was overthrown the first time) they were imprisoned with spells that were thought to be unbreakable. That's all you really need to know about them.
Once again, this is obviously using pirated material and would not be allowed to be listed here if it were submitted for some reason.


Quote:Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy is ridiculous folly – this is firmly established.

I disagree.
I commented here why I haven't posted a Front Page story about this. (Short version: I don't like how these outlets are promoting a fanedit that uses obviously pirated material.)

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