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Help Ripping Amazing Spiderman 2 Blu-ray
Okay to start this off I am well versed in ripping Blu-rays with the Mac and have done so in the past. I am currently working on a Fan-edit of Amazing Spiderman 2 (I know, such a bad movie) and need the deleted scenes off the disc. I have a new iMac and a Samsung external Blu-ray drive. When I put the disc in the drive the disc spins for about 5 minutes and shows up as a blank disc. I have tried 2 different versions of the film 3D and regular and could not get the disc to load.

I have scoured the interwebs and have read that others have had the same problems with this particular disc, and would appreciate any help in doing this. I have purchased the film 3 times now, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and iTunes. I was finally able to rip and convert the iTunes copy, but the deleted scenes with the iTunes copy are streamed and the screen blacks out when trying to capture the screen with at least 5 different screen capture programs. Also the stream is not visible, either.

Like I said any help would be amazing.
Does the disc work in other blu ray players?
Yes, you can play it fine in your home Blu (I've tested both discs in 3 players) but computers can only recognize a blank disc. It's some kind of wacky DRM from hell.
why do you think computers can't recognize it?

why isn't the problem just your specific bluray player? if it works in other bluray players, i'm sure there are other computer external or internal bluray players that will play it.
Well what happens is I put the Blu-ray into my Blu-ray Samsung external drive connected to my Mac and after 4 minutes of spinning up it prompts me that it is a blank Blu-ray disc. That is why I think at least my computer can't recognize it. Also I have noted the lack of illegal rips and I have seen a few tutorials on how to just play the disc on PCs. So there is definitely some hard-core DRM on the disc. I have 2 different versions of the disc 2D and 3D and both do the same thing, so I am pretty sure its the disc.

The other Blu-ray players I mentioned are set top. I'm not really into investing any more cash into the project since I have already spent about $70 on different copies of the film. I am just hoping to answer my question.

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