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Converting VOB files to DVD

I have been trying to get L8wrtr Fanedits of the Star Wars prequels. The first two I found were easy enough and came unpacked into a .iso file. However, for the third movie - DOTE - I keep getting a folder VIDEO_TS with a lot of .VOB, .IFO and .BUP files.

I am on a MAC. How can I convert these to either .iso or just a regular movie format?

SOLUTION: A freeware program called LiquidCD. Find it at http://www.maconnect.ch/

Thanks Bionicbob
VOB (Video Object) is the container format in DVD-Video media.
If you want to watch it, just use for example the VLC player (should be available for MAC, I think), and open the .ifo file. You should get to the menu of the DVD. (sometime VLC skips the intro video of the DVD though). No need to make an .iso file to watch it.
Hope I somehow answered your question.
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Thanks TMBTM. Is it possible to condense it into an .iso or other file format? Would make it easier when putting it on a flash drive.
A DVD usually contains two folders.
If the audio folder is not there, add it. Doesn't matter if it is empty.
Then you can burn the title to DVD.
An awesome freeware that will burn a dvd folder is called LIQUIDCD, highly recommend it for MAC users. Smile
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bionicbob - that worked perfectly! and for free! thank you so much for posting. hopefully others who have this problem will come across this thread.

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