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Site Updates (2015)
The site was down for a short time this afternoon. It looks like this happened because our server is running out of space which prevented certain server temp files from being created. While the admin debate how best to proceed don't be alarmed if it happens again.
Yes, I noticed this.
After awhile I pranced over to OT to see if there was a report or update on the FE thread there.
What the frak did OT do to the look of their site?
Please, when redecorating time comes, don't go that route.
Redecorating time is nigh, and I can assure you we are NOT going that route.
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:Redecorating time is nigh, and I can assure you we are NOT going that route.

[Image: giphy.gif]
Q2 Wrote:[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: hawkward_o_361560.jpg]
ThrowgnCpr Wrote:Redecorating time is nigh, and I can assure you we are NOT going that route.

It certainly helps that we can use Taptalk...so there isn't the need to try and make our forum mobile-friendly.

Incidentally, I still get a database error when I try to go to my private messages.
A few other forums I frequent have gone the mobile route.
Easier, I gather, for members who simply "want to look."
I have coworkers with similar mentality who have ditched their computers.

"What's the point? I just want to look at stuff.
"I can access the Internet from my couch and watch TV. Computers are obsolete."
I'm not going to go into specifics as we're still in the preliminary stages of how best to proceed. The web landscape has changed considerably since we moved to the new system back in 2011/2012, but one thing we do want to do is make the site more accessible for mobile and tablet users without compromising the design for our desktop users. We have a couple ideas, it's just finding the time for all the admin to sit down and discuss.
Q2 Wrote:without compromising the design for our desktop users

Yes. I don't know about anybody else but I pretty much 100% access this site from my desktop because I fanedit on my desktop... ain't nobody gonna be fanediting on their iPhone :-P.
I do quick scans of the site with Tapatalk. Full site on a PC if I want to actually accomplish something. Mobile only sites are typically crap. Mobile only forums are all crap.
You're an adult. Just cope.

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