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Site Updates (2015)
i guess this is as good a time as any to post this:
you are welcome
ssj Wrote:think this is a good opportunity to say thanks to Q2 for your technical expertise that keeps this creative community afloat and to the other admins and the academy for lubricating it all. senkyu!

What, no love for the moderators? Wink
doh! i kind of forget who's who, should've checked the "your team" subtab.

i raish my glash to the moderatorsh!
Sorry for the downtime everyone. I was unable to look into this until tonight due to family obligations all day.

So what happened? Turns out we ran out of storage and no new data could be written to the database resulting in the crash and errors you may have seen. The database was also corrupted but I think I repaired it so we didn't have to roll back a week. Let me know if you experience any problems.

We've upgraded our plan thus doubling our storage. Hopefully that will prevent this from happening again anytime soon.
This evening our database became corrupted resulting in downtime and lost data. Thankfully, we had a backup from yesterday morning so the data loss was minimal. When time permits I'll look into what happened. On a more positive note it could have been worse, and IFDB was not affected.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
^ No need to apologise. Thanks for putting the FE.org train back on the tracks Smile.
Ah, I noticed a few of my posts were gone. No matter.
You are not your f*cking khakis.
*currently editing my first... eh... FanEdit*
emphatic Wrote:Ah, I noticed a few of my posts were gone. No matter.

Echo that. Rather lose a couple posts than the site go down for a bit.
Thanks for keeping things humming, Q2. A few posts. . . mere tears in rain.
I did an update to the site software this morning. If you notice any anomalies let me know in the Bug Reports thread.

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