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Site Updates (2015)
I had to roll back the database this evening while doing an update and in so doing lost 3-5 posts. If yours was one of them I apologize.
Quote:Site Updates (2105)
Happy 98th anniversary, Fanedit.org! ;-)
hbenthow Wrote:Happy 98th anniversary, Fanedit.org! ;-)

Well jeez. I've been staring at the screen too damn long. Fixed.

Another account was hacked (you guys need to come up with better passwords... seriously) and PM's went out. Because of this we are now restricting PM's to people who have actually participated in the forum (i.e. posted). No user will be able to send a PM or email with 0 posts.
Don't worry Q, I've changed my password from "Password" to "123456" so I'm all good now.
TV's Frink Wrote:Don't worry Q, I've changed my password from "Password" to "123456" so I'm all good now.

"123456" is still too easy. Be sure to add a "7" after and you should be golden.
TV's Frink Wrote:Don't worry Q, I've changed my password from "Password" to "123456" so I'm all good now.

That's amazing - that's the same combination I have on my luggage!
As many of you are aware over the last several weeks there has been an automated attempted to circumvent users accounts so that spam PM's can be sent. How this is done is that the "bot" tries weak passwords until it gets through. We've taken certain precautions to crack down on this such as banning the IP's of the originating attack and restricting PM's to those who have at least one forum post. However, that does nothing to stop accounts with easy passwords from being hacked.

Because of this we are implementing a new password requirement that will require a minimum of 7 characters that consist of uppercase, lowercase, and numerical characters. When we do a global reset on all users passwords you will be emailed with a temporary password. Log in with that password then change it to something more familiar to you.


We will be implementing this new security measure Friday evening (no specific time as of yet) so make sure your email address is current so you get your new temporary password.

think this is a good opportunity to say thanks to Q2 for your technical expertise that keeps this creative community afloat and to the other admins and the academy for lubricating it all. senkyu!

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