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IFDB Review: In The Mouth Of Event Horizon:
I'm not the biggest horror buff around, but I do really like In the Mouth of Madness and Event Horizon, so this edit got my interest. I absolutely loved it. The visual editing is just incredible and worth watching for that alone. The audio editing is great, no issues. Picture is perfect. The story works amazingly well. The only issues I had were the inclusion of the In the Mouth of Madness opening credits along with the custom credits. It looks a little odd to have "Directed by John Carpenter and Paul Anderson" followed by "Directed by John Carpenter". And there is a strange edit around 15:45. I know it was a necessary cut, but could have been smoothed out a bit more. But those are very minor quibbles and this is a great edit. I love seeing this kind of creativity by someone who really has some amazing technical skill. Can't wait to see what RollWave does next.


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