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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – A Q2 Fanedit:
Truly a wonderful cut of ROTJ, keeping almost everything I wanted from the Special Edition(s), and deleting the truly unpleasant additions. I had my daughter watch (first time) the whole series over the last month or so in Machete order, with the Adywan SW-Revisited, the original BluRay Empire, L8twrtr's prequels, and now Q2's ROJ)It was important to me to get my daughter to watch a proper version of Jedi this first time out, in particular to get Sebastian Shaw at the end. It was a nice touch however, to keep the celebrations and the banthas earlier in the film, but delete the annoying Sarlacc beak and the "Noooo".I don't have much a taste for visual or audio finesse, so other than Lai Nek, I din't really notice any SD/HD differences, and even then it didn't bother me. Audio seemed fine too. The only thing I missed in the whole film was the satisfying Sarlacc burp after Fett goes down. It's the one thing I would have kept, especially since it was in the theatrical version (I think). However, why quibble? The end product is masterful and will now replace the Bluray on my shelf. Well done, Q2. Well done.


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