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And then we cut to some random building at night.
Claudette enters in time to see michelle and mike sleeping.
Claudette: homework my f***ing finger!
Mike takes a broom and hurls it over claudette.
Mike: what are you doing here? Claudette, this is my house!
Claudette exits downstairs confuse.
Claudette enters.

Claudette: what are these characters doing here?
Michelle looks pained.
 Michelle: what is going on? Claudette, come on! ( laughing ) stop it!
Claudette: oh god. Denny even confused me. Ahhh to help me crazy! ( incomprehensible ]: why didn’t johnny fight against mind of the hell?

Lisa approaches behind claudette and then proceeds to help her to go home.
Lisa: don’t you think you should leave? Both of you - humps about for me, hunh?
They make love with lisa and claudette seeing.
Lisa and claudette exit.

Cut to that better place, it’s the football shop.
Susan: real tricky night?
Steven: yeah babe i just needed ta deal with it.
Susan brings out all the angel rings.
Susan: denny turned on the lights to find johnny, but now he emerges from time to get involved with a different terrible night.

Steven is not talking.

Steven: i dunno what you mean.
Peter enters and then proceeds to stare.
Steven is not talking.
Steven: this is just getting worse.
Peter: you’re me.
Steven: no! I am you!
Everyone laughs hysterically. They shake hands.
Peter: look at you - if you want to dump, you can drop it anytime.
Steven: i feel like i am going.
They run to the bathroom.
Susan: you’re the psychological impact of what happened to johnny...
She rips open a football and tediously installs a primitive tape recorder.
Susan: catch you guys later.
This algorithm has really taken things in a... direction.

What they mean, i guess you know.

Cut to an alleyway shot.
Chris is sitting on an atomic bomb!
Chris: i can’t... Please don’t denny. It’s a deviation from the golden air.
Denny answers enthusiastically.
Denny: i swear to god, it’s about time somebody ganged up on you. Goodnight.
Denny takes the baby and exits.
Chris: well maybe johnny and mark dying ensues?
Denny materializes behind this creep.
Denny: johnny is approaching?! Cut!
Cut to later.

Chris is sitting on a chocolate car pulling onto a residential street.
Chris: what happened? Remember just being about to... Everything’s wrong. Denny turned me about. Denny answers to the other end of the hell.

Chris is safe, but somehow this leads to a bigger stuff.
Cut to his ass ( he is not wearing a lot )
chris: you devil, denny. 555 years ago denny turned eighteen. Half canadian, but somehow about halfway down onto the hell. I suppose even handsome people are a**holes. Men are changing. Lisa’s some symbol. I have to grow some drugs, but somehow i get my girl. Nobody else will.

Cut to panning shot of time.
Flashback to johnny and peter.
Johnny: you’re what they say: a mistake.
Peter shoves denny and ineffectively tries to push him off the earth. Denny materializes behind johnny.
Johnny: well maybe i know more than you think about everything.
Peter tries a little bit of pineapple.
Johnny: ha yeah. Denny do you have something else to do?
Denny is dribbling a football.
Denny: come back later.
Johnny exits. Peter also exits. Steven enters.
Steven: this is my house?
It is not.
Denny: yeah hi. Peter.
Steven: i agree. I am. Peter.
Steven is very secure.
Denny takes off his shirt and shatters a mirror. There’s a lot of water and he finally manages to dress himself again.

Cut to lisa reemerging from the movie!

Lisa: what’s going on here? The hell? This is very strange. Lisa enters the room.

Claudette enters the flower shop. Susan brings out a new dress amid indecipherable r&b.
Susan: real quick, isn’t it?
Claudette: well it is time somebody had eighteen dollars to get.
They both chuckle.
Cut to that house.
Johnny fires a gun in the kitchen.
Mark hands johnny the phone.
Mark: ha. Alright lisa. Sometimes we have plenty of time. All i know she doesn’t.
Johnny: oh hi lisa. I’m in hd for some reason.
Johnny is wrong.
Lisa ( recording ): signs come on in the world. Peter tries to go upstairs now. He will see that he is not dead. Yes he’s walking. I’m a tape.
Johnny: well maybe you’re lisa.
Lisa ( recording ): i’m lisa ( recording ).
Johnny: what size?
Lisa ( recording ): i don’t... I’m the tape recorder of lisa.
Johnny: can you come here?
Lisa ( recording ): don’t you know what i am?
Mark sighs.
Johnny: oh right.
Johnny puts the gun down onto the phone and shatters the phone with it.
Mark: what’s going on here?
Johnny: it’s a tape from the original.
Mark: what are you talking about? Everything’s complicated...
Johnny: it’s a lot. She’s lisa even though this is a dangerous tape.
Steven enters.
Steven: what are you doing this is my f***ing lovemaking sequence.
Peter enters before cutting to lisa in a hospital.
One of my recent fanfics got mentioned over on CBR

I'm not really a big fan of fan-fics, but I git done reading a fanfic a few days ago called "Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs." That fanfic is a continuation of The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series, and is so masterfully written, that I felt like I was actually reading an official sequel. The author really knows the Spider-Man lore. I almost don't want to see an official sequel to the show now.
Peter enters before cutting to lisa in a hospital.

Lisa is now okay.
Lisa: no guilt. Thanks to paying for another golden air in the world.
Claudette enters.
Claudette: well it is time somebody had sex with someone else. Michelle and mike. Mike puts a tape.
Mike approaches.
Mike: no! Claudette, come on. God you should be getting yourself a new deal.
Lisa: oh mom. Are you trying to ruin his birthday?
Claudette: yeah. Denny turned me crazy.
Cut to exterior daytime shot of pesto and michelle.
Michelle places the broom bottle against pesto.
Peter tries to open the football to find a little more. He just can?t.
Steven enters.
Steven: when is it mine? Why is this year in san francisco here?
Michelle looks pained.
Michelle: examine the football. Peter.
Steven is not talking.
Peter is.
Steven: i agree with that.
Peter: you know what they say: i understand anything as long as you know everything.
Steven: i understand life.

Cut to johnny and mark getting to the police.
Chris is there.
Johnny: you?re that psychological peanut butter cup with extra t**s!
Mark attacks enthusiastically!
Chris is not hit.
Chris: no! You two are very strange. You know people? Men are changing. Denny hurting our family. He hit me. Ahhh. Denny takes me dead and then proceeds to get my son. She was born yesterday!
Johnny collapses.
Mark: johnny! Hey everybody! Johnny seems to be getting worse!
Johnny knocks stuff off the floor and tediously tries to find some money.
Johnny: catch you guys later.
Johnny descends out of time.
^ No offense/personal attack to anyone intended, but... I propose a permanent ban on all bot-generated content, "humorous" or otherwise. Tongue
I fed your response to the bot, to get its opinion on the matter.

Like that i need financial police chatter. You know better, and i did anything for my f***ng faults. Cut through the process of the room and i can forgive myself, and you definitely talk right.

I think that's a reasonable compromise.

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