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Huh... well if they were written with the intention to build up to the full length chapter, it's probably best to post them as the full length version on a site like fanfiction.net.  Which one is your current fanfic?
It was "The Need for Speed"
I recently finished a "Cybersix" fanfic called "Love So Alive". Post-series. Cybersix/Lori. Mature.
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In the Works: Sailor Moon Infinity (season 3 edit)
On Hold Indefinitely: Highlander: Endgame - The Immortal Edition
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Last week my life was consumed by this monstrosity: http://www.hpmor.com/
It's a Harry Potter Fanfic with a word count equivalent to the first five books, exploring how Harry would have adapted to the Wizarding World had he been raised by a scientist. He's essentially Artemis Fowl, at times almost a parody like in this: http://the-toast.net/2014/05/27/ayn-rand...ers-stone/
The author is an AI researcher and member of the 'rationalist community', so it's a fascinating viewpoint. Highly recommended.

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