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BBC to Air Rescored Version of Drive
Sounds interesting.

You beat me to it ;-). Saw this up on BBCiPlayer an hour ago...


Will have to watch soon. Refn must have provided them with a music-free transfer of Drive. Oh what we could do with that here :-D.

Nice that Auntie-Beeb is getting into fanediting. It's also cool that Refn is open to reworkings of his work. The next step is a Director releasing music-free copies of their films and actually asking people to have fun rescoring it. I'm sure it will happen sooner or later.

Will have to preserve this.
I'm curious about this one. I thought the music for Drive was absolutely perfect and I've been trying to find a film that I could "drive-tize" myself. I hope we'll get to see it in the states.
Completed Edits
(PM for Links)
You guys got here before me Smile

Found this by chance last night flicking through the channels.

I am not sure how i feel about this yet as i intend to watch (and PVR) tonight. To Me the Cliff Martinez soundtrack is a highlight but as TM2YC said kudos go to the director for allowing this. I love the idea of being able to create your own playlist for a film.
Was'nt someone on here doing a reversal and putting the Cliff Martinez soundtrack on Scorseses' Taxi?
Now if only Disney would allow Anthrax to rescore Frozen
hillbilly74 Wrote:Was'nt someone on here doing a reversal and putting the Cliff Martinez soundtrack on Scorseses' Taxi?

Yes Gatos' 'Taxi Driver Rescored'. It's gonna be awesome :-)

I am not an expert on the film Drive. I have only seen it once before tonight. I liked the film and soundtrack is great. I found out last night that the BBC here in the UK were doing a rescore of the film and i was intrigued . How would it work? I understand rescoring a bad film but surely not Drive which already has a top notch OST.
I also noted the rescore ran 7 minutes shorter and there is some slight reordering of scenes.
Here i try to do a summary with music choices that are of my opinion. I'll mark Rescore if i preferred it to the original and Original if i did not. Your choices may differ:

opening scene Rescore
Title sequence / Original - I like the Chvrches song in the rescore but the original Night Call works better.
Supermarket /Original
Conversation Irenes Flat /Original
Garage - Need Lift Home / No Music in original, so prefer the rescore
Ride Home / Either track works - Medicine by 1975 is a great song at fits perfectly well, very Galaxie 500 sounding. I could go either way Under your Spell in the original is also cool
Husband Lawyer turns up to babysit / Rescore
Standard released from Prison party /Original
Finding Standard bleeding / Rescore The SBTKRKT tune is more tense in the rescore..i prefer it.
Driver & Irene chat at Diner / original had No Music so I prefer the rescore
Robbery / original had No Music so I prefer the Rescore
Getaway car Chase / I prefer No Music like in the original, the awful "Bring me the Horizon" song is just shite.
Phone Call to Boy -News report/ Rescore
Removing shotgun pellets / original had no music and I prefer rescore
Where's Cook? Hammer time @ stripclub / Original -to be honest both tracks sound good to me but i'll stick with the original as it has the foghorn sound when Driver attacks.
He asked me for help conversation in hallway & slap/ No Music in original so I prefer the rescore, this scene is really good - lovely music by Jon Hopkins (i think)
In The Lift - Kiss / Either- Both tracks worked...but i'll stick with the original
Turning around in lift and subsequent driving scene / Rescore
Trailer Mask / Original
Following -putting on Mask- Looking through window@ Nino / Rescore When i knew Bastille were doing a track for this rescore..I just thought No No No...but somehow the tune "THE DRIVER" is really good and more importantly it works. I never liked the original Riziero & Rina song, it didnt fit the style of the movie
Crash into Nino & Beach death / Rescore This really works too. A big organ sound - i think the track is by "Pryda - Sequence one"
Phone call to Bernie & Irene and subsequent meeting at restaurant with Bernie / No Music in original so the rescore wins This track really works too. The song by "ZZC - To the Bone" is a gem
Bleeding in Car - The End / Either track works - I think the 1975 track is repeated here . The original is "Real Hero" I think i'll go with 1975

So there you go, i'd say it was half and half, some tracks on the rescore really worked. If i had the editing skills i'd make an edit of the film using a mixture of both..The problem is you'd have to some how cut out the BBC HD logo...unless you started from scratch.

On a different note and to make the film 10 out of 10 instead of a 9,I also remembered how I disliked the way the Driver got stabbed. Id prefer we didn't see this and just cut to the shadow killing Bernie, then cut to Bernie on the ground with the cash. Its looks like the Driver intending to kill him in the first place. It baffles me why Bernie didn't have back up, did he feel he didnt need it. After all his cronies got a bashing...that should have been a warning there Smile
hillbilly74 Wrote:The problem is you'd have to some how cut out the BBC HD logo

As it's a scope-ratio film the BBC3HD logo only encroaches on the image by a few pixels at the top. You'd still have to crop it out but by a very small amount. However the "Red-Button" stream is ident free but streamed at half the bitrate of the BBC3 stream. The two could be combined, or the image rebuilt from scratch as you say.

It seems to be shorter than the standard cut of Drive. Which maybe due to the edits you mentioned, or it could be PAL speed :x.

I might look into this situation over the weekend.
well apparently its not availible in my area to stream online

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