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BBC to Air Rescored Version of Drive
jswert123456 Wrote:the reply had nothing to do about me not being able to view the video where i am at

It kinda did...

TM2YC Wrote:
jswert123456 Wrote:well apparently its not availible in my area to stream online
If it's a UK only thing then it does need a preservation.

...but anyway back to discussing this 'Drive' thing y'all.

I don't think I mentioned before but they've included the original soundtrack on a seperate audio stream, which is handy Smile.
all i was saying was dang BBC not giving americans a chance to view it.
maybe if the reply had simply just said "its a UK only thing, someone should do a preservation of this"
written like that i wouldve got it.
that is all.
And he was agreeing by saying that someone should do a preservation of it so us Americans can see it.

*the more you know gif*
(Back on topic.)

I definitely got to be on the outlook for this, fingers crossed for a decent preserv​.
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i bet that would take alot of work without having the music free version the BBC had to work with.
but it would be fun to watch.
Well I assume the easiest way to preserve this would either be to just capture the HD stream or broadcast. If there's a quality drop or something or if the slight watermark/crop is annoying you could probably just take the audio from the broadcast and match their edit with the official BD.
Neglify Wrote:fingers crossed for a decent preserv​.

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Just found out about this. Good to see we have top men working on it!
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Is anybody aware of any other alternate Drive audio tracks that could be added to a preservation... other alternate Soundtracks, fan commentaries etc?

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