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'Evil Dead' Is the Latest Movie Trilogy to Get the Fan-Edit Treatment
Vultural Wrote:Ha ha.
The SEARCH box is your friend.


Yeah I found that. That's why it was unfortunate.
Ha, still amused.
Sorry, WW, Neg's dancing jig shoulda been a warning I had added a lizard.
Vultural Wrote:http://www.fanedit.org/forums/showthread...el-trilogy

I just read through the entire thread. Oh man, that gave me a good laugh.
KobaKommander Wrote:I just read through the entire thread. Oh man, that gave me a good laugh.
Yea me too. It was just horrible but fascinating.. like.. the Hindenburg, for example
In the Works: Star Wars the Last Jedi, Blade Runner 2049
Released Edits (link): Hobbit, Walking Dead, Blade Runner, Miami Vice, Sherlock, 007...
I've nearly forgot what this thread is for. Let's return to it.
Neglify Wrote:I've seen a number of 3-in-1 Evil Dead edits pop up online over the years. All the ones I've watched were bad quality though, so hopefully this new one uses the Blu-rays and he didn't try to make a 1 GB 4 hour file.

Low res is 480p and a 1.28 GB mov file.
Anyone can DL should they desire.
Fans can get a 720p version if they mail the good Dr Josh Roush a USB with 13.3 free space.


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