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A Couple Of Covers I Have Done
nice cover for turing test, JJE!

i don't remember that back-cover quote from the movie, but whether it is or not, how about:
Quote:If I hid Ava from you so you could just hear her voice, she would pass for human. The real test is to show you that she's a robot and then see if you still feel she has consciousness.
which i feel better addresses one of the core themes.

there's also this solemn line:
Quote:I'm gonna tear up the fuckin' dance floor, dude. Check it out.

no obligations on any of this, of course. just interjecting for fun.
That quote is from the Art scene
Nathan: You know this guy, right? - Jackson Pollock. - Jackson Pollock. That's right. The drip painter. Okay. He let his mind go blank, and his hand go where it wanted. Not deliberate, not random. Some place in between. They called it automatic art. Let's make this like Star Trek, okay? Engage intellect. Caleb: Excuse me?
Nathan: I'm Kirk. Your head's the warp drive. Engage intellect. What if Pollock had reversed the challenge. What if instead of making art without thinking, he said, "You know what? I can't paint anything, unless I know exactly why I'm doing it." What would have happened?
Caleb: He never would have made a single mark.
Nathan: Yes! You see, there's my guy, there's my buddy, who thinks before he opens his mouth. He never would have made a single mark.
Nathan: The challenge is not to act automatically. It's to find an action that is not automatic. From painting, to breathing, to talking, to fucking. To falling in love...
Nathan: And for the record, Ava's not pretending to like you. And her flirting isn't an algorithm to fake you out. You're the first man she's met that isn't me. And I'm like her dad, right? Can you blame her for getting a crush on you?
I accidentally poster one cover 3 times lol, I tried to delete the dupes but couldn't figure out how in edit post
Great work like always....:clap2:
Awesome Turing Test cover, man! I really dig it.
JJE-187 Wrote:[Image: QO9mnC0.jpg]

How come you put a DVD label on instead of a blu-ray (which the size is)?

If you don't mind, I'd like to add this to the IFDB listing. It's cool and the more options to download the better.
I only have a DVD burner so I put DVD logo's on the DVD's. I am putting everything in Blu-ray size cases. I will whip up a Blu-ray logo version and if you PM me your e-mail I can easily e-mail you the full res version
A few more covers
[Image: 2ohBZj0.jpg]
[Image: HVllIpK.jpg]
[Image: wob2RZY.jpg]
I have completely redesigned the spines and back of the Maniac double feature covers and you can find them in Maniac's idea thread. Here are 2 covers for the Lord of the Rings TV series edit that I whipped up to house my disc in
[Image: Wcx9LP3.jpg]
[Image: O62hycc.jpg]
I think you misspelled "lair"

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