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A Couple Of Covers I Have Done
Great work dude, I really dig the Godzilla one.
Yes, nice work. If you PM the creators of the fanedits in question and get their approval of your covers, I'll add them to the relevant IFDB listings.
Thanks guys, and TM2YC, MikeDrew has already upped the covers for his edits and I will contact the other 2 editors to get their approval hopefully Smile
FYI: I've added all the covers for mikedrew87's edits to IFDB. Thanks
Thanks TM2YC
Here are 2 covers for MikeDrew87's Frozen Death, I couldn't decide on the title logo I liked so I will just share both and let people decide
[Image: az9l5.jpg]
[Image: 148kbrp.jpg]
A cover for Evil Ed presents Heavy Star Wars Episode III
[Image: 257hi0o.jpg]
Ha, that's pretty great!
Thanks for the kind words Frink

Here is a cover for Neglify's Animals edit
[Image: 23vau1i.jpg]
^ Hmmm, some serious problems with that one IMHO.

The image quality is very poor and pixelated. The colours are clashing and over-saturated. The front image is squashed horizontally. There are basic errors in the text and I personally really don't like the font sizing, the font selection or any of the text layout. But apart from that it's good ;-).

As Frink said, that Heavy Star Wars one is great work :-) but that Animals one has gone a bit wrong.
Ya I re-did that Animals one a few times and couldn't quite find an image I really liked except that really low-res one I used. I am still searching for artwork for it and will keep tinkering with font's and everything.I did it at like 4 AM lol. I am constantly re-doing and changing my covers on an almost daily basis because I always find something wrong with them or something I just don't like. I will continue a search for a good style for Animals and see what I come up with next for it Thanks for the criticism it really help motivate me find better resources for the covers

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