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Editing Existing Subtitle Files
I understand what you're saying. What I'm wondering is if I can apply my work to the English subs to the existing alternate language subs, so I don't end up with a sketchy translation.
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.
For actual translating, native speakers would be best.

Translate Google does a half-assed job, but it does translate and keeps timings.
A native speaker could smooth out errors.
Typical problems I find are tense and syntax.

Are you wanting to provide subtitles for the entire film or just specific scenes?
Vultural Wrote:Apologies for the length.

Perfect time to use spoiler tags.

JEDIT: Also, that's what he said.
[MENTION=8536]Hal9000[/MENTION] [MENTION=17386]Vultural[/MENTION] but what about timestamps? If you have a subtitle file taken from the Blu-Ray and simply translate that, then you're fine. But if you take them off, then translate them, because you intend to use them for your fanedit, then how would you change the timestamps? Would you rely on timestamps in your NLE? Doesn't sound like a fit.

That was my follow-up question on OP's.
Sounds like Vultural was suggesting syncing the English subs to your finished edit, then translating that. The downside is less than stellar alternate language subs.
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.
Alas, I don't know of any software that will automatically create timestamps for you.
The editor has to do that line by line. I believe Agent 9 did so for his Prometheus cut.
There are French speakers here (TMBTM?), and I recall INH5 gave a shout for German help.
Going through an .srt line by line - best guess - will take about an hour, fixing problems.

FAQ on Sub-Edit.net (the forum for Addic7ed) on how to create/edit subs.
Hal9000 Wrote:I'm not sure what you're asking. What I'm wondering is whether I could take an existing subtitle file (English, straight from the bluray source), make time code changes to it, and then apply all those changes to a different subtitle file (another language track straight from blu ray.

i think i understand what you're asking. it will involve some manual labor; i don't know of any way to automate the process.

first of all, make changes to your english .srt/.ssa/.ass file (whatever format you're using), which will likely involve deletions and other rearrangements down to the precise frame or centisecond—which you should keep precise track of while editing the rest of the movie; i recommend a spreadsheet for this task. for example, if you delete 2.34 seconds of video from a scene, you should also time shift the subs by 2.34 seconds in the appropriate spot in the subtitle file.

then you can do one of two things:
1) using your precise cut list, manually make the same time-coded deletions/adjustments to the other languages' subtitle files, or
2) duplicate the english subtitle file, and import the non-english subs one by one to replace the english subs.

the latter method seems to be the more labor-intensive, so i'd go with the former method.

hope this kind of/sort of answers your Q, dude.
Yeah, I follow you. I'm probably not going to do that, but that will likely be helpful to someone who wants to try.
I know I've made some very poor decisions recently.

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