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Bionic Covers
Made some minor tweaks to the rear cover....

[Image: 1bmyg2Oh.jpghttp:]

A childhood favourite show!  
MAN FROM ATLANTIS premiered in 1977 on NBC as 4 tv movies.   All which still stand up pretty well considering the passage of time.  
The movies were successful enough that the network immediately ordered it to series the same year.
Only 13 episodes were produced, which is just as well, as the story quality dropped tremendously.
Still, it has cult silly fun quality featuring some nice FX model work.  
All available through Warner Brothers MOD archive.  Big Grin
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Another shelf space saver I made....
[Image: lhZp5d0h.jpghttp:]

A great sci-fi concept created by the legendary Kenny Johnson -- a modern WWII resistance story using alien "visitors".  The original 4 hour miniseries aired in 1983 and it still holds up wonderfully.

The sequel 6 hour miniseries  The Final Battle, aired in 1984, but was made without Ken Johnson.  No where near as deep or thoughtful as the original, it is still a very entertaining and solid action adventure sequel.

Then came the weekly television series in 1984-85.  It started out fairly decent for the first 8 to 10 episodes, though it was mostly just an action show with none of the allegory of its previous incarnations.  But the show quickly devolved... half the cast was axed along with most of the budget... and it became alien Dynasty LOL.  Still it has it's silly charms.  The series ended on an unresolved cliffhanger.

Ken Johnson wrote a sequel novel entitled V THE NEXT GENERATION based on script proposal he did for the Networks, but they passed on the project.

In 2009 there was a reimagined reboot that ran for 2 seasons on ABC.  It had some interesting bits, trading the WWII metaphor for modern terrorism.  But most the characters and plots were bland.

It was announced last month (March 2018) Ken Johnson was developing a theatrical remake of V.
It seems you can't keep a good franchise down.  Tongue
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Alternate cover for an oldie edit.... 

[Image: 9hasJtYh.jpghttp:]
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Here's a fun project I have been working on for myself -- THE ARROWVERSE COLLECTION.

I never liked the official generic non-unifying dvd art.  Or that for reasons unknown, the Flash sets have a 22mm spine.  While procrastinating on the old internet, I stumbled upon this custom art by St. Shark....

[Image: 5iubJEXm.jpg]

The basic designed inspired me to try and create something similar for myself.  The key differences I wanted to make for the spine:
1. Have a logo that represents the specific Greg Berlanti created Arrowverse and NOT all DC tv shows.
2. Highlight as many of the Arrowverse heroes as possible, not just the character leads.
3. I wanted the spine numbering to represent the chronological viewing order of the all the series and not the seasons.

And for the front and back covers, I just wanted something more comic booky, less polished... so I loaded the background with various easter egg comic book covers.

These are are by no means sophisticated or refined cover art, just simple fun I made for myself and thought I would share.  Big Grin

[Image: 56kdZ1ym.jpg]     [Image: rs0aNB3m.jpg]

[Image: ciBFAEDm.jpg]     [Image: TShzdrom.jpg]
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[Image: QVS7Z7zm.jpg]     [Image: On8SY9Nm.jpg]

[Image: eMwMpY9m.jpg]     [Image: MUNIXw6m.jpg]
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[Image: s1ZRXNVm.jpg]     [Image: RleeW9Rm.jpg]

[Image: MtowbnVm.jpg]     [Image: Ej4xL8Om.jpg]

[Image: g43wgylm.jpg]
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Working on Arrow season 6....

[Image: Y36ogDIl.jpg]
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[Image: EPBTV2ol.jpg]

Flash Season 4...
[Image: 8o7BGP2l.jpg]
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...final revision -- removed the Arrow logo from poster background...
[Image: a5SgQH3l.jpg]

Supergirl season 3...
[Image: EkOTemql.jpg]
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Legends season 3....

[Image: pIbUddPl.jpg]
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