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Star Trek AXANAR
I feel bad for those that gave to this project believing it will happen, but I'm not sure how I feel about people who STILL believe this guy who has been lying to them from the beginning. Using their money to build a studio first and THEN making the fan film was decietful and it was right for him to have been sued by CBS as he was practically begging for it.

I saw a tweet where someone the other day said how many more people would have subscribed to CBS All Access to see Axanar than Discovery. Yes, I'm sure people wouldn't have just watched the 90 minutes during a free trial in then cancelled it, if they bothered at all.
Director's commentary for Prelude To Axanar by Christian Gosset....

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
Interview with Tony Todd, at 12min10sec he talks about his Axanar experience....

"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
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