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(05-09-2019, 05:33 PM)Possessed Wrote: This is why people shouldn't have mothers.

Must... resist... making... obvious... joke.
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Any Legend of Zelda fans around here?

I'm working on a Legend of Zelda fan film and I can't find a shield for Link that can come on time (because at the end of June my internship starts) or is not too expensive. It's ridiculous because we created game-accurate costumes, acquired some great swords, created two wooden shields and a special VFX sword (a sword with a special handle and a plastic green blade that will turn into a fire blade in post production), and yet we can't acquire one of the staples of a Legend of Zelda game: The shield.

So it looks like I'm going to have to modify the script and move forward without a shield. It breaks my heart because I'm afraid that people will say "Link without a shield? Lol this sux" or "Legend of Zelda isn't Legend of Zelda without Link's shield" or "I can't believe Link doesn't use a shield in this movie," "It's an iconic visual that Link holds a sword and a shield," "You can't separate Link from his shield," "It's a required item in every single Zelda game for crying out loud" etc. etc. Probably because I kinda think these things.

I'm trying to overlook these thoughts. Why can't Link not have a shield? It's an adaptation. It's like Raimi's Spider-Man. Peter building the web-shooters show how smart and resourceful he is, but Raimi's Spider-Man doesn't show that he's smart and intelligent like this, we are only told about it, and Peter has organic webbing. Yet the film stays faithful and true to the soul of the comics and is a great representation of the character.

My solution to this seems like Link defends himself by being a swift, agile fighter and defends himself with fast moves. This way his more comfortable clothes while fighting against villains makes even more sense. Sort of like Jedi and Sith.

Link's shield doesn't even tie into Link's character or anything. It's just an iconic visual. Removing that truly is unfortunate, but it's a fan film with a limited time and a limited budget. Sometimes I have to sacrifice things.

But I just can't get this out of my head that people will think the shield is a deal breaker. I'm having such conflicted thoughts.

jrWHAG42 What do you think?
Gosh darn it, I actually have a replica Hylian shield somewhere, I would love to give it to you if I could, but there are too many factors preventing that. 

Honestly, I don't have a problem with Link lacking a shield, it's not one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Link, strangely enough. Of course others won't say the same, but to people who complain, they can make their own damn movie!
I'm really excited for this, and I'm sure there's a community of fans who won't care if there's no shield.
Mega Man is best game. 
(05-20-2019, 07:56 AM)Masirimso17 Wrote: Any Legend of Zelda fans around here?

I'm a MASSIVE LoZ fan!
Unfortunately, I can't help you out.
However, I'd have no problem with Link having no shield. Maybe a Like-Like got it!
A Spudboy lookin' for a Real Tomato.
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I have a hylian shield I bought on Amazon for like 80 bucks and it actually looks really good.  It's big,  it's thick,  (I know this is going to end up in out of context) it's sturdy and it's painted well.
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[Image: 8hBjmB6l.jpg]

Cat and back of couch for scale.

Also the bottom is pointy like it's supposed to be,  it just sunk in to the couch.
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(05-20-2019, 12:31 PM)Possessed Wrote: (image) 

That might be the same one I have.
Mega Man is best game. 
I just wish I bought a Hylian Shield like a month or two ago. Would buy one now if only it was delivered fast, or wasn't too expensive. Then again, the Hylian Shield was always expensive which is probably why I didn't buy it in the first place.

Possessed, that is an awesome shield. 80 bucks is way too expensive for me though. Multiply that by 6 and that is how much I'd have to pay for it in Turkish Liras. The economy here sucks so much.

But fear not, my brothers. There is still hope that I can acquire a shield for the movie. Not the shield (Hylian Shield), nor any specific other, but a shield. But since this is an adaptation of A Link to the Past, the shield he possesses doesn't have to be the Hylian Shield as much as the other games (though A Link Between Worlds used the Hylian Shield as well). Let's pray that Link shall get the shield he deserves!

I might start a thread in the Fan Film page for this.
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You should definitely give this its own thread. 

Quick question though, will this be in English or Turkish? Will there be English subtitles if the latter?
Mega Man is best game. 
Oh yeah if it's a link to the past I think i generic looking shield would be fine.  He even uses a red shield for part of the game.
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