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Top Ten TV Shows
(01-28-2019, 09:43 PM)jrWHAG42 Wrote: I must add, I've never watched any kind of sci-fi television series.

I'd point and laugh, but I've never gone to the movies, so ...
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Magic swords!  Dragons! Demons!  And a Shakespeare quoting lion man! 
It must be time for...

My Top Ten Fave FANTASY TV Shows....

10.  GAME OF THRONES  (2011 to present) It's my bride's favourite show of all time, therefore it is my fave show lol.

09.  XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS (1995-2001)  It is hard to believe this show was a spin-off from the much campier Hercules,  while the story telling was still often tongue in cheek, this show was not afraid to go some very dark places and explore very serious cultural subject matter.  

08.  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST  (1987-90)  Before George RR Martin created Game of Thrones, he created the modern fairy tale romance of Vincent and Catherine and the lyrical, magical world that existed underneath the city streets of New York City.  Perhaps Ron Perlman's best role of his career, he should have won an Emmy for his performance.

07.  LEGEND OF THE SEEKER (2008-2010)  Loosely based on the Terry Goodkind fantasy book series The Sword of Truth, this is a wonderful magical adventure series that never got a chance in the dying syndication market.  Watch this series and tell me that Bridget Regan wouldn't have made the perfect Wonder Woman!

06.  HIGHLANDER  (1992-1997)  The first and last seasons are bad, but in between are four amazing seasons that pushed the boundaries of its strict action formula by posing questions about the nature of good and evil and exploring the greys of morality.

05.  STRANGER THINGS  (2016- present)  Steve Spielberg blended with Stephen King, with a dash of Lovecraft.  Don't be fooled by the use of "science" in this show, this is good old classic 80s supernatural horror.

04.  BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER  (1996-2003)  Growing up is Hell, literally in this show's case.  A game changer show that almost every tv show since has tried to emulate in terms of the Whedon Season Arc Playbook.

03.  PENNY DREADFUL (2014-2016)  Hammer Horror meets Universal Monsters.  A brilliant horror series that was cancelled far too soon.

02.  SUPERNATURAL (2005 - present)  Every time I think I am done with this show, it does something amazing to pull me back in.  I will never be able to listen to "Wayward Son" without thinking of the Winchester Brothers.

01. ANGEL (1999-2004)  A vampire with a soul seeking redemption.  That in it's self should be enough, but the final message that it is not about winning the war, it is about never giving up the fight, is a powerful one.

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Book'em Danno, it time for my 

Top Ten Fave COPS shows....

10. STARSKY & HUTCH (1975-79)  This might be the best cop buddy show of all time imo.  And before you dismiss it as fluff 70s television, then you have to watch the episode, "The Fix" and see if your opinion changes.

09.  LAW & ORDER (1990-2010)  Ripped from the headlines mysteries.  It was gripping television, and it opened the floodgates to the return of procedural cop dramas and franchise spin-offs.....

08.  HAWAII FIVE-O (1968-1980)  Gritty, ruthless, cinematic... the original Five-O was intense cop action.  No one could match Jack Lord's focus and drive to solve a crime or protect the innocent.  It lasted 12 years, and the first 10 are all solid quality, and what is shocking, how relevant most the plots have remained.

07. BOSCHE  (2014- present)  Modern L.A. noir.  Crime and politics, and an unrelenting cop with an unbreakable code.

06.  COLUMBO (1971 - 2003)  The epitome of popcorn mystery television.  The 1970s tv movies are a must watch.  The later movies over the decades are a mixed bag, but through it all it is Peter Falk's masterful performance that keeps you glued.

05.  PRIME SUSPECT (1991 - 2006)  Helen Mirren.  Honestly, what more do you need to know.  It's Helen Mirren, watch it!  But don't watch the Americanized version... gawdawful.  This is a prequel series but I have yet to check it out.

04. WISEGUY (1987-90)  Stephen J. Cannell's best best creation imo, this show broke new ground with it's arc structure and Ken Wahl brought a magnetic strength and vulnerability to his role as undercover operative Vinnie Terranova.

03.  JUSTIFIED  (2010-15)  Amazing dialogue, incredible action sequences, rewarding arcs and a captivating dynamic between Raylan and Boyd... delicious television!

02.  HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET (1993-99)  NYPD Blue got all the buzz, but this was the better show.  It paved the way for The Wire and The Shield. 

01.  CRIME STORY (1986-88)  Michael Mann's Miami Vice may get all love, but Crime Story was Mann's master tv opus.  Season one is near perfect.  Season two, not so much... too much network interference.   But never mind, season one is brilliant television and all you will ever need.  Mann would go on and re-explore the show's concepts and themes in his crime thriller HEAT, going so far as lifting an entire scene from CS and putting it in the movie.
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Top 6 Ex-Favourite TV Shows (can't think up a full ten)

1. The Simpsons

Discounting Seasons 10+, it remains a great show and my top favourite of all time. Counting Seasons 10+, it's devolved into mean-spirited, vapid, zombified dreck.

2. Stargate SG-1

Absolutely loved it when I was in my tweens/teens, but grew out of it as I got older. I never did like the lack of continuity with the movie, I grew sick and tired of all the Ancients/Ascension/Ori stuff, and after watching Star Trek and Babylon 5, I came to view it as a 2nd rate knockoff of the pair. I can still derive enjoyment from Seasons 1-5, warts and all, but Seasons 6-10 do nothing for me.

3. That '70s Show

I still like the earlier seasons, but after Season 5, it started to meander and all the characters (except Red) became progressively unlikable. Once Donna went blond, I knew the show had lost its soul.

4. Mutant X

My teenage crush on Lauren Lee Smith probably made me like this show more than I would've otherwise. After she left, I stopped liking the show at all, and in hindsight, the seasons with her are just as bad.

5. Andromeda

Only a young, stupid kid can watch Seasons 3-5 of this show and not recognize it as absolute abomination.

6. Smallville

The Luthors + the Kents + Chloe = everything that's good about Smallville. Tom Welling is the worst Clark Kent I've ever seen, and the rest is pedestrian WB/CW Millennial soap opera crap.
"Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be."

Bhagavad Gita 2:12
(01-26-2019, 05:53 PM)bionicbob Wrote:
(01-26-2019, 05:37 PM)Denizen Wrote: Anyway...I loved all of those shows. I guess I liked Three"s Company best. John Ritter as Jack Tripper is comic legend.

Love, love, LOVE Three's Company.  John Ritter was a physical comedic genius!

This thread caused me to consider how much I have missed John Ritter. Wasn't he fabulous in Sling Blade? And need I mention the glow in the dark scene from Skin Deep? Laughed so hard I cried the first couple of times I saw that. To this day, I have not heard an entire movie theatre erupt into hysterical laughter like that. Not even the hair gel scene from There's Something About Mary. Hilarious stuff that.

The late great Don Knotts said before he died that John Ritter was the greatest physical comedian who ever lived. I remembered you saying that in this thread so I was moved to consider what the two of you meant.

I put in season one of Three's Company and as soon as the opening credits ran and Jack fell off of his bicycle I remembered.

I have the entire series boxed set. I have been binge watching it ever since. I'm at the end of season two. They really don't make good sitcoms like this any more. 

My next project is to either find and buy the entire Happy Days catalogue or borrow my friends taped catalogue. VHS...yeah!!!
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(01-30-2019, 07:36 PM)Duragizer Wrote: Top 6 Ex-Favourite TV Shows (can't think up a full ten)

 I completely disagree with you about STARGATE, and I can totally feel your frustration with SMALLVILLE, but I still really enjoy it.

MUTANT X--- Victoria Pratt was my jam!  lol   But yeah, a terrible show after season one.

ANDROMEDA -- a guilty pleasure show to be sure.  It had so much potential, but as with all Tribune tv shows (Mutant X, Earth Final Conflict, Beastmaster) the suits kept sending notes and interfering (the original show runners were all fired from each series, and each new season would get a massive revamp), dumbing them down as much as possible until the audiences walked away in disgust.

Top Ex-favourites that immediately jump to mind...

THE WALKING DEAD... started out so strong, a show about trying to keep one's humanity in a fallen world... it became whose death can we tease and torture the audience with next?  Long, boring story arcs on a continuous rinse/repeat cycle.

HEROES.... a superhero show afraid to be a superhero show.... every season let's hit the magic reset button and move our character backwards instead of forwards.... 

NuBATTLESTAR GALACTICA... a great first two seasons.... season three the cracks in the story begin to appear.... and then season four.... I abhor every moment of season four.... the final five...wtf!  And the series finale makes no sense... abandon all technology and go off on foot with only backpacks into the wilderness... sounds like a death march to me!  And they arrive so far back in Earth's past, it has no impact on the birth of civilization.   The last episode renders the whole journey quest pointless.  It is essentially mass suicide imo.  Getting angry just writing this....  Angry Tongue   Even creator Ronald Moore has gone on the record that there was 'No Plan" for the series and that the biggest regret he had was giving a definite number of cylon models in the pilot movie, as it painted them into a corner very quickly.
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What would everyone recommend as the stopping point on The Walking Dead?  I enjoyed S1, that's all I've watched so far.
Series four mid season finale is my personal opinion, a lot of people rate season 5 buit I wasn't keen at all. I even thought about doing an edit to do an epilogue episode that could tie things up after S04E08.
(01-31-2019, 11:31 AM)TVs Frink Wrote: What would everyone recommend as the stopping point on The Walking Dead?  I enjoyed S1, that's all I've watched so far.

Season one is by the best.  After Frank Darabont left/fired, the show never had the same level of depth.

But I would agree with Sinbad season 4 or 5....
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(01-31-2019, 11:31 AM)TVs Frink Wrote: What would everyone recommend as the stopping point on The Walking Dead?  I enjoyed S1, that's all I've watched so far.

I'd stop now if I were you. Season two lost Frank Darabont as showrunner, and got half the budget of season one, and twice the episodes, none of which I'd known when I tried to watch it and hated it, but despite not knowing, I still got the feeling it was padded out and going nowhere.
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