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The Last Movie(s) You Watched... (quick one or two sentence reviews)
Thread intended as quick one or two sentence reviews of the last few movies you have watched. Be they old/new/fanedits etc would be cool to get an idea of forum members tastes and viewing habits etc

Watched a few this week

Good Time - Robert Pattison is great in this, it has the most gripping first act I've seen in any film this year 8/10

1922 - Always liked Thomas Jane as an actor, not a bad King adaptation but it struggled to keep me engaged towatds the end 6/10

Wheelman - modern update of Walter Hill's The Driver not bad/not great 6/10

and finally a fanedit

DSM2337's Titanic Maiden Voyage- streamlined 1912 only version of Titanic,all the cuts worked really well and one of my favourites anyway 9/10
Man of Steel (theatrical) - a complete mess. An hour of dull, unnecessary exposition, followed by an hour of overblown climax that would have Michael Bay drooling. I shudder at the thought of BvS. 4/10

The Ridiculous Menace (Frink) - bloody hilarious. I pulled a muscle in my back from laughing. 9/10

Creature From The Black Lagoon - Fun, sci-fi b-movie entertainment that unfortunately gets watered down (literally) by about half an hour's worth of footage of people swimming. Silly, but fun. Tempted to make an edit.... 5/10 (also, Jaws totally stole the soundtrack)

Terminator 3: The Coming Storm (fanedit) - Never seen the original. Wanted this to be my first experience since I'd heard good things. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't call it a good film. I'm going to watch the theatrical for comparison as I had some narrative concerns. 6/10
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Good idea for a random review thread based on brevity.

Jackie (2016) - I just didn't believe Natalie Portman's performance, or accent. The late great John Hurt steals the movie. An interesting subject though.

Re-Animator (1985) - For a gloriously demented b-movie, this is beautifully shot and looks fantastic on blu-ray. Very Funny.

Valentino (1977) - Ken Russell's unique mix of eye-popping visual design and wall-to-wall nudity. Perfect for silent Cinema fans.
Love Re-animator, ashamed to say I had never seen it until about 3 years ago.. I am now a big Stuart Gordon fan love nearly all his movies

another recent watch

Creep 2 (2017) Found footage/reality show type horror / black comedy with the excellent Mark Duplass. On a par with its predecessor 7/10
The Circle - Terrific first half that raised some great questions, then decided to ignore them all for a budget conscious second half that sold out.

Wonder Woman - Enjoyed this at the cinema but was a little underwhelmed on the rewatch.

GOTG2 - Enjoyed this at the cinema, and enjoyed it all the more at home. I love the characters, so any narrative flaws are easily forgiven.
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The Sea of Trees
I don't know why this movie was hammered so hard by so many.Yes it's very ambiguous, but the mystical nature of it and the beauty of the photography are just a few of the many things I loved about it. This felt like a Nolan movie without the bravado of a Zimmer score or action sequences. It is a pure emotional interaction and analysis of grief and redemption. I thought it was a perfect movie. Great performances by McConaughey and Watanabe.
*I would recommend going in blind if you are going to see this. I just watched a trailer for it and the trailer pretty much highlights all the plot points which would make this movie feel like it was dragging on had I watched the trailer first.

Sarah's Key
A haunting movie about the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup in 1942. This movie is a riveting and terrifying reminder of the atrocities we are capable of doing to each other and how it robs the innocence of youth and reverberates into our present day lives. Very much in the same vein as The Boy with Striped Pajamas. Again, I would recommend not watching a trailer before going into this one.
^ Sarah's Key is a great film!
Atomic Blonde - the 80s soundtrack had more entertainment value than the actual movie, fair enough time passer 6/10

Leatherface - liked it more than i thought i would, its no worse than the 2003 remake 6/10
Matt Damon double bill...

Downsizing - saw it a month ago, but still memorable. Terrific minimalist (hehe) story, something a bit different to the norm.

The Great Wall - didn't get half way through before turning off because of boredom. Could have been the alcohol, but I swear it made no sense, occiffer.
Split - Pretty enjoyable considering Shamalan's films over the last ten years have been bad. Also loved that it tied into Unbreakable, one of my all time favorite films.

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