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A few reviews
Ike: Countdown to D-Day (2004)

[Image: ike2.jpg]

Exactly What it Says on the Tin - a solid, competently made, look at the planning of Operation Overlord and the quiet professionalism of Supreme Allied Commander Europe Eisenhower (Tom Selleck), with roughly equal time for each. A New York Times review of this A&E TV movie (commercial break fades and all) seemed more concerned with bashing the product for having been written and produced by a rare right-wing showbiz player around the height of Iraq War fever, but I didn't find anything objectionable about it, apart from a mild bit of Greatest Generation schmaltz. A decent, minor diversion for WW2/military history buffs.

(05-03-2017, 05:33 PM)TM2YC Wrote: I, Daniel Blake - 2016 - 6/10
... I thought it was full of anger, fire and humanity... amongst all the misery.

Ah, perhaps you are familiar with Loach's films and anticipated the tone.
And for many, dealing with any health bureaucracy spike their blood pressure.
I don't see your flag, so hopefully your healthcare is excellent.
II found Mr Blake to be "...full of anger, fire and humanity..."
but his attempts to hold on were anguished.
Forbidden Planet - 1956 - 7/10

[Image: Forbidden%20Planet%201958.jpg]

Earth expeditionary force travels to far flung, scientific outpost, which has become incommunicado.
On arrival, officers meet the lone survivors:  the colony’s linguist and his daughter.
All other scientists and colonials had been slaughtered by a mysterious, unstoppable force.
Long dormant, the murderous force reawakens.
Your grandfather’s SciFi, vintage yet quite watchable.
Eerie electronic score, good special effects (consider the year), and planet interior sets that are still impressive.
One of the few psychological SciFi’s, though that aspect is a bit heavy handed.
Bleu - 1993 - 7/10

[Image: Bleu%201993.jpg]

After her husband and daughter die in a car accident. the surviving wife shuts down.
She cuts off all emotional channels, begins to discard reminders.
Juliette Binoche amazing as the soul who bottles, sidesteps, and destroys.
An extremely cold film with well thought out set design and photography.
Second of Kieslowski’s “Couleurs” trilogy is perhaps the hardest to take.
Penetrating look at grief and loss.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: AbFab%20Movie%202016.jpg]

I thought I had escaped, that this was forgotten, then my wife spied it in a bargain bin for 66₯.
Tired comedy that is twenty years too late and tries too hard.
Apart from Lumley, the cast has visibly aged.  Physically, and their characters seem much older.
Patsy, though, is in fine form.
Story is of Edwina chasing Kate Moss to be her agent, idly killing Moss, then fleeing to France.
There are laughs in this, more in the final act.
If one condensed the best jokes and lines, you would have a great half hour episode.
Bloated and soggy.  Stick with the original series.
100 Streets - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: 100%20Streets%202016.jpg]

Ensemble cast of three couples play out a few days of their lives.
Two pairs navigate difficulties in their marriages.
The third is an unlikely relationship between an aging actor and a younger man with poetic gifts.
Light interweaving of stories, but this is not, say, Love Actually.
Because most struggle throughout, the film can be a sour pill.
I disliked some of the plot contrivances near the end, felt like the writers ran out of gas.
Hour and a half of drama.
World War One - 1964 - 7/10

[Image: WW%20One%201964.jpg]

One hundred years ago, the United States entered the “war to end all wars.”
This documentary highlights the American reaction to, and subsequent involvement in World War I.
Robert Ryan narrates and this has a wealth of newsreels and images, many seldom seen before.
Episodes also highlight the less traveled:  the occupation of Belgium, the Lusitania, the Jutland naval campaign, Germany’s meddling in Mexico to distract America, home front disorder, and an early word - slackers.
Also detailed look at the aftermath.  Reparations against Germany, along with Allied interference with the new nation, Soviet Union, aiding the “Whites” and sowing the seeds of distrust that grow to this day.

There are several outstanding documentaries on World War I.
The finest in The Great War (1964), 26 episodes with interviews of still surviving veterans.
This documentary, World War One, covers slightly different ground and should appeal to Yanks.
A third, The First World War (2003), is excellent at covering the “world” aspects of the conflict, displaying battles outside of Europe.
Their Finest - 2017 - 6/10

[Image: Their%20Finest%202017.jpeg]

Britain during the Blitz.  Political powers request a morale boosting film.
“Find a good story, maybe add an angle the Yanks will be drawn to.”
A Dunkirk news item is investigated, writers start fleshing out the story, studio honchos try to compromise with various Ministries.
Actors, fans, obstacles, and throughout, a rain of bombs.
Nostalgia territory, with nods towards Day For Night, as well as Foreign Correspondent.
Skinhead - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: Skinhead%202016.jpg]

Oi!  Oi!  Oi!
Well before the Oi culture, Neo-Nazis, and yob association, London skinheads were kicking boots with Jamaican mates, swaying to reggae and ska, shouting at football matches.
At the matches, however, Northern firms spied and appropriated the cuts, boots, jackets, but not the tolerance.
Informative documentary shows the 60s beginnings of shaved heads, the near disappearance, the Punk associations, then catching the eye of the National Front.
For those who think they know Skinhead culture, they probably don’t.
Maigret’s Dead Man - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: Maigret%202016.jpg]

Man, what a pleasant surprise.
Paris, circa 1930s.  Rowan Atkinson returns as the dour Inspector Maigret.
A serial killer terrorizes the French countryside.
Maigret loans most of his crew to assist, yet withholds two assistants and himself for an unrelated underworld killing.
This show is more assured than Maigret Sets A Trap as actors grow into roles.
In many ways, this is a darker story with a more intricate plot.
If you liked the first installment, you will like this.  On the fence?  Risk it.

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