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Star Trek Discovery
So I was looking forward to seeing the first footage from this, but then the powers-that-be decided to release this unfinished SFX shot instead.  I like the show's title and the music accompanying this clip, but I sure dislike that new ship design. Dodgy   

It's kinda reminiscent of that old Ralph McQuarrie version of the 'Enterprise', except his version looked much better overall, I reckon.  I guess I'll have to take a 'wait-and-see' position on how all this turns out - www.darkhorizons.com/news/44255/new-series-titled-star-trek-discovery

They're basing that Ship on the worst thing McQuarrie probably ever designed? (Or even the only bad thing he designed?). Having said that, it doesn't look totally awful in motion.

[Image: 18lsjl7zu3nqljpg.jpg]
To be honest, I prefer the overall proportions of McQuarrie's 'triangular' version, compared to what's been previewed.  While his 'nacelles' look more like 'rockets', the 'nacelles' seen on the new ship are equally awful I reckon.  I had no real expectations of how the ships might look in this latest show...but I wasn't expecting what we've been shown! Undecided

So it looks like they're trying to make the engineering section resemble the Starfleet logo, kinda?   I'll reserve judgement until I see actual in-show SFX, but it looks a little silly so far.  Is there a reason they didn't get Michael Okuda to design this one?  His designs were always solid.
It seems to be an unusual design choice if the show is actually set in the Prime Timeline and if the show takes place between the TOS movies and TNG as rumoured.   Though it does sort of remind me of the Enterprise-D in an unpolished kind of way... lol.

Though maybe it fits in with the plot... maybe it was an experimental design that was discontinued...?  I dunno, will have to wait and see.  With so much Trekker experience behind the production on this one, I will keep the faith.   Wink
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Kind of looks like a Klingon cruiser from TOS that traded its neck and head for a saucer section. Hope the sfx improve.

[Image: ktinga-model.jpg]
(07-24-2016, 12:58 AM)DigModiFicaTion Wrote: Kind of looks like a Klingon cruiser from TOS that traded its neck and head for a saucer section. Hope the sfx improve.

[Image: ktinga-model.jpg]

Good observation.  If this is indeed set between Undiscovered Country and TNG, I could see it working as some sort of Federation/Klingon hybrid design developed under their newfound detente.  And I heard the SFX shot was said to be unfinished and not representative of how the show will wind up looking.  Hope that's right.
Of course, one of the biggest recent reveals now is the confirmation that the show is set in the original 'Prime' universe.  Here's a couple of links with some snippets about that -



(As far as the new ship design goes, I don't think it's main body looks anything like the Klingon battlecruiser's more interesting body shape whatsoever.  That would have indeed been an interesting development, but I just think it's a shoddy-looking rip-off of McQuarrie's 'triangular'-bodied artwork seen in TM2YC's post above)

The fan vids have already started I see.  Smile 

Remember when they used to make these shows with big ass physical models? I miss that. The end.
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