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"Watchmen: Midnight" fanedit to have a public screening!
WATCHMEN: MIDNIGHT will be screened at StarFest in Denver, CO on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 6:30 PM. StarFest is a big pop culture/fan convention that's held every year in the city of Denver, and it includes events for sci-fi, horror, fantasy, comic books, and movies. They are very supportive of fan created works, and WATCHMEN: MIDNIGHT will be screened as part of their "Fan Film Festival" on Friday.

People attending my screening will receive a printed list of the major changes in my fanedit, but I will also have some time before the screening to introduce the film.

StarFest has been going on since 1977 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starfest) and has celebrity guests, lots of cosplayers, workshops, and sci-fi/horror/movie/comic/game vendors and activities. They also screen movies, including independent films and fan projects.

Here is the StarFest homepage: http://starland.com/

I also have some other news about my fanedit and academic work coming up this summer that you guys might like to know about. Maybe you would like to announce this in the future, closer to the date it happens?

I've been invited to present WATCHMEN: MIDNIGHT at an academic conference in Maastricht, Netherlands in July. I'm going to show excerpts from the film before vs. after recutting it into my fanedit and I'm going to give a presentation on fanediting itself. The conference is called MASH (Making and Sharing) and its organizers are interested in the mixture of media theory and production.

MASH 2013 website: https://mash2013.wordpress.com/cfp/

Finally, I have my own blog that I use to write about fanediting and related things. I've written about the history and issues raised in PSYCHO: THE ROGER EBERT CUT and RAISING CAIN: RE-CUT, and eventually I'm going to do a full "Making of" for WATCHMEN: MIDNIGHT. http://wille.tv
Watchmen: Midnight (HD remastered version forthcoming)

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