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FanEdit.Org Logo makes final cut of 'The People vs George Lucas'
'The People vs George Lucas' is doing a theatrical run before the DVD release, so saw the local screening and was pleasantly surprised to see the 'FanEdit.org' logo make an appearance as they discuss the fan edit phenomenon.

One of the segments of the film focuses on fan edits, starting with the Phantom Edit. After interviewing one of the early TPM editors, the segment interviews some other early SW editors, then progresses to some of the currents: Adywan, Jambe Davdar and TMBTM. Adywan is interviewed about the death threats he's received (but they don't explain why his edit is drawing such attention.) Jambe's 'Building Empire's logo is on screen, and after some twittering it's been confirmed that that is his voice talking over it. But for most of the segment TMBTM is interviewed and they discuss the work involved in his Silent Editions. Recoloring, FPS revision, cropping etc. In the middle of all this, they explain how these SW edits are part of a larger phenomenon, and that's when the old FanEdit.org logo scrolls across the screen. (and below the logo is the entry for tBSWM by %20) They might have shown another part of the website, but the movie moves along at a good pace so now my minds a little hazy.

So with the movie showing in theaters, out comes the reviews and this one you all might find humorous:

Quote:There's also an entire underground phenomenon of people who have taken the various films, downloaded them to their computers, then reedited and otherwise changed them.
So there you have it, you all are now officially part of an underground phenomenon, congrats.

Find out if PvsG is playing near you:

If you'd like to read me rambling some more about the doc:

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